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Purple Hibiscus- post-colonial legacy

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Purple Hibiscus: Analytical Essay Writing Assignment In "Purple Hibiscus", the author is attempting to show the legacy of colonisation on post-colonial Nigeria both at a social and individual level. In Nigeria, following the English colonisation, the country as well as a large number of people have been left responsible for themselves and tried to make Nigeria operational again. Obviously, the legacy of this black historical epoch has entailed in the country many controversies in different domains, notably in religion, people's beliefs, social hierarchy and in education. In the novel, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has shown the different upheavals that were experienced by Nigerian. In the first section of the novel, "Breaking Gods", one of the first things we notice is the strongly religious fervour that Papa lives with and how he obliges his wife and his children to comply to it. ...read more.


As a "colonial product", Papa is strictly, dogmatically religious, following scripture seemingly word for word, and dishing out punishment to his children when they stray from the pathway he conceives as "righteous". Furthermore, he rejects his traditional culture, religion and language, portraying them as primitive and uncivilised and qualifying English culture as largely superior. "Papa changed his accent when he spoke, sounding British...".. The repression of his traditional culture has been destructive, leading him to abusing his children. On pouring boiling water on Kambili's feet he justifies his actions by saying "When you walk into sin, you burn your feet", though her only mistake was to be in the same household as a "heathen". Papa's interpretation of his religion was influenced by the abuse he received as a child from the missionary colonists and it was this that caused the destructive opposites in his character. ...read more.


"The soldiers took every copy of the entire print run, smashed furniture and printers, locked the offices, took the keys and boarded up the doors and windows." This quote illustrates the repression of any opponent, like The Standard, which is one of the few weapons left in this period of military regime. Also the government agents had tried to bribe Papa with a "truckful of dollars" but he asks them to leave the house. In addition, by forbidding the university to elect its own sole administrator and by firing Ifeoma for her resistance, the government clearly shows its will to destroy Nigerians' freedom of speech. Students riot against the sole administrator because they have been without water and power. The rioting university students throw Ifeoma into a difficult situation, as the university has been closed down, and she realizes that the situation is direr than she thought. ...read more.

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