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"Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw. What are some central themes of the play? List a few and explain at least two in detail.

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What are some central themes of the play? List a few and explain at least two in detail. Pygmalion is a comedy written by George Bernard Shaw about two phonetics experts and a lower class girl who has a Cockney language and wants to learn to speak correctly and proper. As the story develops many themes arise. Such themes are: class, myths of creation and language, these of course are the main central themes, but there are many others. Class is one of the most important themes of the play because Shaw demonstrates how the hierarchy in Britain is. The author integrates people from all kinds of classes: from the lowest to the highest, Liza being lowest and Higgins and Pickering being the upper class. ?THE NOTE TAKER: You see this creature with her kerbstone English: the English that will keep her in the gutter to the end of her days. ...read more.


Since Shaw is a socialist author, manners were no importance to him because it divided the classes and this is demonstrated, in the book, by Professor Higgins, who has the tendency to treat everyone like dirt, no matter to what social class this person belongs to he treats him the same way. ?LIZA. I know. I am not blaming him. It is his way, isn?t it? But it made such a difference to me that you didn?t do it. You see, really and truly, apart from the things anyone can pick up (the dressing and the proper way of speaking, and soon), the difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she?s treated. I shall always be a flower girl to Professor Higgins, because he always treats me as a flower girl, and always will; but I know I can be a lady to you, because you always treat me as a lady, and always will.? This example is important since Shaw describes the difference of good mannered people and bad mannered and how it has an effect on people. ...read more.


This is an example of change and creation in a way. Professor Higgins takes the challenge in creating another class type woman which is quite an achievement and his cockiness reminds us how successful he was when Eliza went to the dance party and shocked everyone. Compared to the myth it is quite different because towards the end of the book Eliza does not fall in love with Higgins, not that we know of but she does develop affection towards him. In conclusion I can say that the themes of the play relate with the real life of Britain in those days and it is a reflection of it. The way that Bernard Shaw demonstrates how society was in those days with the class borders and the different kind of people clearly showed us that people really cared about what other people thought of them back in the day. The main themes of the play due involve all of the characters and how different they are, in the different scenarios of the play. ...read more.

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