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Question: while the poems Kubla khan by Coleridge and La belle Dame Sans Merci are spontaneous romantic poems, they deal with the theme of the supernatural at large.

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Question: while the poems Kubla khan by Coleridge and La belle Dame Sans Merci are spontaneous romantic poems, they deal with the theme of the supernatural at large. The poems ?Kubla Khan? and ?La Belle Dame sans Merci? are one of the most beautiful romantic poems written by S.T.Coleridge and John Keats respectively. The poems are rich in imagery, imagination, and the faith of the poets in the supernatural. they glorify the beauty of nature by making the element of supernatural as an integral part of a romantic poem. One of the essential characteristics of a romantic poem is the presence of the supernatural, mythological, mysterious or gothic elements. The blending of the beautiful object of nature with the supernatural gives a magnetic touch to the poems. the two poems deal at large with demon, evil, death, magic, fairy, mystery, mythology, dream and can certainly be called romantic poems inspired by the element of the supernatural. Coleridge in his poem talks about Kubla Khan who orders a magnificent palace to be built in his capital city, Xanadu. ...read more.


She was playing on her Dulcimer as she sang a melodious song in the praise of Mount Abora. Her song was divine as the girl was very pure. The poet is of the opinion that if he could get hold of that divine music, he would be able to create miracles through its symphony and power. The poet says that he will be able to create the pleasure palace of ?Kubla Khan? in mid air with the divine music. ?To such a deep delight?t would win me that with music loud and long, I would build that dome within air?. the divine music will send him in a state of supernatural frenzy that will help him achieve the impossible. If Coleridge talks about the miserable fate of ?Kubla Khan?, John Keats in his poem ?La Belle Dame Sans Merci? talks about the miserable condition of a knight-at-arms. The poet finds this knight in a very bad condition, lying all alone in bitterly cold weather. The place is so cold that even the birds and squirrels have hibernated. ...read more.


It is ironical that he keeps on searching for her till his death as the magic of the supernatural is cast on him. In Kubla Khan there is a woman searching for her demon lover who has vanished after seducing her. In ?La Belle Dame Sans Merci? the lady seduces the knight besides the kings and the princes and disappears from the scene. The incidents of the demon and the fairy give a mysterious touch to these poems. besides it, in Kubla khan we find the dead ancestors warning kubla of his death while in Keats' poem the pale dead warrior kings and princes warn the knight of his impending death.The poets have created a weird atmosphere in the poems to befit these supernatural creatures. To conclude it can be said that in these poems the poets have beautifully blended the natural with the supernatural. The presence of the demon lover, prophesies of the ancestors, fairy?s child and the dead kings strengthen the supernatural element in the poems, and send the reader to a flight of romantic imagination. It is the effect of the supernatural and the mythological that has given these poems the charm of romantic poems. ...read more.

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