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Quote Analysis of Chronicle of a death foretold

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Journal Assignment (Pg. 1 - 54) "Pedro Vicario, the more forceful of the brothers, picked her up by the waist and sat her on the dining room table. 'All right, girl,' he said to her, trembling with rage, 'tell us who it was.' She only took the time necessary to say the name. She looked for it in the shadows, she found it at first sight among the many, many easily confused names from this world and the other, and she nailed it to the wall with her well-aimed dart, like a butterfly with no will whose sentence has always been written. Santiago Nasar,' she said. (47) This passage occurs at the end of the second chapter when Angela Vicario had just been brought back by Bayardo Roman because he had found out that she wasn't a virgin. ...read more.


Thus, this reveals the tradition and culture and it illustrates that the society was dominated by men while women, as the inferior, were restricted to the house. Also, to lose virginity for the woman was taken as the loss of honor of the family. The imagery also carries great importance as it unveils Marquez's writing style and technique. Despite being a journalist who had to deal with reality all the time, Marquez uses 'Magic Realism' in his novel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Gabriel Marquez had visited a small village where he had reported this story and being so interested in it, he had written this novel. Thus, it is strange that Marquez fantasizes a reality. Nevertheless, Marquez uses Angela's thoughts as the tool to pour in Magic Realism which builds up the suspense in the novel. ...read more.


Was it really Santiago Nasar? Or was it Angela's conspiracy? The mystery remains unsolved as nobody would ever find out what was in Angela's mind. However, there is a possibility that Angela proclaims Santiago Nasar's name because she thought that there was a possibility that the brothers would have let Santiago live because of the deep friendship they had amongst themselves. Or it is also possible that Angela had concealed the name of the person who she had lost her virginity to and had said Santiago Nasar's name just to have Santiago killed. But why? Was it out of jealousy that she had spent her life in a poor family and Santiago Nasar had been a rich man? Was it out of some kind of revenge? This mystery remains unresolved as Marquez never gave a complete solution or answers to any of the question and left it up to the reader to answer the question as the reader wants it to be. ...read more.

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