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Reading report on YA Literature

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Jayme K. Barkdoll, Lisa Scherff. (January 2008). "Literature Is Not A Cold Dead Place": An Interview With John Green. English Journal ,pgs 67-71. Jayme K. Barkdoll says in his article, "Teachers face the struggle of finding literature that will connect with students' interests, encourage critical reading, and provide opportunities for literary investigation." His focus is finding an avenue to tech literature that would be appealing to his students. He interviews Printz Award winner John Green who explains why his book 'Looking for Alaska' may have reached that large young adult audience that it has. Before the actually interview begins, there is a summary of the book. ...read more.


He was very worried for the young adult audience which is why he wrote for them. The novel turned out to be quite a book because teachers were now including it in there curricular much to the authors delight. He was concerned that the book would go out of print because it would not have been popular enough. Although he didn't think the novel would make it into a classroom setting because of the language content, he personally knew of some books with more advanced content that was being studied at school. Green thinks as long as he had an audience that responded to what he wrote this meant he was a good writer. ...read more.


I especially like the fact that Green was able to in cooperate into his novel morals what the young reader would find valuable. This was an important aspect that stood out for me about Green. The issue of culture is not to be ignored and Green was able to reach a multiethnic audience. This is because he placed the emphasis and empathy and not isolating different sectors of race or society. This is another challenge that authors of Young Adult novels have to face. Green was surprised when his book was chosen for classroom study because of its language content. But he did say he knew of other books that had more inappropriate content that was being used in the classroom. The article was an interesting one. It really showed the life of literature. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daisley-Modeste 1 ...read more.

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