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Reflective on House of the Spirits

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In my opinion, I found House of the Spirits to be an unrealistic novel, until the interactive oral. Many realistic aspects and elements were illuminated for me during the interactive orals. What really caught my attention and changed my mind about the novel was the physical setting of the novel and how the author's life and realistic historical events relate to novel. The unknown setting of the novel was actually an inspiration form the author's past life; Chile. ...read more.


All the events and characters in the book were an inspiration from Allende's life. The corruption and election in the government that take place in the novel's unknown setting was actually Chile's history. In the novel it talked about the corruption that occurs in the government and how a powerful person like Esteban had a hand in it. In Chile's actual history, the author's grandparent (like Alba's grandparent Esteban) Salvador Allende became Chile's president after all the corruption in the government and the military takeover in 1973. ...read more.


Also from that point I learned that there is no perfect government and that anyone with power goes corrupt as its natural human behaviour. Esteban gets corrupted with the power and this I believed related to real life as pretty much every government leader in this world goes corrupt and greedy for more power and money. Form all the books I have read, I never expected the author to have experienced any of the horrible events. Allende and the interactive oral have changed the way I read and think of novels forever. ...read more.

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