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Reflective statement on Adonis's poems

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Rodriguez, Laura Rodriguez1 IB English III Adonis?s poems IB number______ Word count: 396 How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? In the interactive oral of Adonis?s poems, the class and I were able to discuss the different elements of literature that where portrayed throughout the text, elements such as repetition, similes, metaphors personification, etc. I was able to connect to the poems and get a grasp of the agitations that Adonis included into the poems. ...read more.


I then connected these images to be the negative result of the war in Syria. The war and the banishment have shifted the way the speaker views the world, and not only that but in addition it has affected the writing and are there to haunt the speakers existence. Elegy In Exile is the poem that was most talked about during the interactive oral for the repetitive phrases such as ?banishment?(17), fear (26), shadow(27), and burned (33). The terms spoke a great deal of how the war caused a dispute between the people, the people didn?t have the freedom to express their political ideas or cast out their beliefs. ...read more.


One of my class mates said that the repeated word ?dust? (1) is not there just because but that it was there to connect to Adonis because Syria is a desert; there is dust and sand everywhere. Although this is true, I believe it had more meaning than that, the speaker compared the desert to a ?road for blood? (12). When someone thinks of blood they imagine death, this lead me to believe that dust represented just that, death. When someone dies and their body is decomposed, all that is left is dust. This dust is the memory of a person and when it is blown away with the wind, the memory is also being blow away into eternity. ...read more.

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