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Reflective Statement on Medea by Euripedes

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World Literature Part I Reflective Statement EURIPEDES:MEDEA Medea is a tragedy play in the form of prose, play written by Euripedes, one of the three major play wrights of Greek Theatre. We had an interactive oral on Medea. Interestingly, this time we had three kinds of discussion: I) one minute conversation in three topics: Role of men and women, importance of fate versus will power in pertinence of the play , barbarianism and civilization ,ii) a clip of the negotiation between Medea and Creon, and iii)the group discussion covering all of the above. Power of Medea: Here we talked about how Jason is the one getting the upper hand when it comes to society, since he?s a male and he?s a symbol of authority in Greek Society. He is the one who betrayed Medea for his own ambitions yet it is Medea?s fault, simply because she is not a Greek, she?s a Barbarian and none of the Corinth would listen to her as she is an outcast. This shows her hopelessness and no room for justice or fairness. Jason however ambitious and greedy he might have been as said by Medea, had no choice but to give her wife and children since he had to expand his kingdom, and Medea being a barbarian woman was not even considered Jason?s wife, so therefore, he had to leave her eventually in spite of loving her. ...read more.


There is a reflection of women gaining power by using their sleazy, foxy ways. Freudian Analysis: Freud introduced that there were three areas of cognitive thinking that a person has Id: referring to the animalistic instinctive behaviour, Superego: the behavioural preference according to the society and the Ego: The part that balances the other two leading to their final cognitive thinking. Medea as a person was more inclined towards Id, since her rage and fury were powerful enough to crush and kill her own children mercilessly, the animalistic greed to cause pain to another animal through any reason whatsoever. She refused to let her superego empower her thinking as she refused to let it comply with the Greek Society. Jason on the other hand is opposite to Medea, he views society as a base to his power and his fuel for respect arrives from the appreciation of the crowd, the superego overpowering him to the level of leaving his wife and children, which is why this contrasting nature leaded to both of their downfall. This Freudian perspective would also help to decide compatibility issues that both of these people had with each other. Barbarianism and Civilization: Medea as a woman was somebody who was too bold even for the barbaric society, though barbarianism itself reflects bravery, without culture, refinement or education. ...read more.


This is an original theatrical device made by Euripedes which is interesting and weird at the same time since it changed the way Greece looked upon Theatre. Significance of the Chorus: The Chorus served several functions in Greek Drama. First, it is a character in the play; it gives advice, voices opinions, asks questions, and sometimes takes take an active part in the action. Second, it often establishes the ethical and social framework of the events and sets up a standard against which the action would be judged. Third, it frequently serves as an ideal spectator, reacting to the events and characters as the dramatist might hope to make it interactive as if the audience would. Fourth, the Chorus helps to set the overall mood of the play and of individual scenes and to heighten dramatic effects. Overall the discussion proved to be very fruitful in its philosophical, psychological, socio-cultural and ethical aspect and it questions the very perception of an individual and talks about putting our legs into someone else?s shoes and the motive behind the very action of Medea, Jason and the society as a whole. This discussion helped me understand and comprehend things in a descriptive and reasonable way, and I hope to incorporate glimpses of these discussions in my upcoming World Literature Essay which is based on Medea. ...read more.

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