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Reflective statement. Throughout this oral, the concept of ideology displayed by Camus was portrayed through an impartial and insightful point of view.

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Reflective statement: How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? Topic: Camus and ideology Throughout this oral, the concept of ideology displayed by Camus was portrayed through an impartial and insightful point of view. I easily understood that ideology was identified as a set of ideas that constitute one's goals, expectations, and actions, and for Camus, his ideology developed from his time of birth, his difficult upbringing and his interpretation of the expectations of the society around him. ...read more.


The worldwide views of these philosophical tendencies are so dissimilar to the concepts formed by Camus that the essence of his morals and values are continuously questioned. This is not to say that Camus?s ideology is wrong or immoral, just that the certainty and specific nature of it is somewhat dubious. I think that this statement is reinforced with the mentioning of Camus lack of faith in religion and his concrete belief of justice and what he deems to be equality. ...read more.


This was considered significantly by the public which leads to the following issue; do Camus?s beliefs in his own diverse ideology entail a principle of an explicit system of thought? Are his morals and values merely a distorted view of society?s desires? Camus?s ideology contains some considerable ideas, indicating to us as the readers that we shouldn?t conform to the dominant notion of socialization, but instead, we should take into account that the other opposing views. These different opinions can combine to produce a comprehensive vision, and a dissimilar outlook on the objectivity of our society. ...read more.

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