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Report to wordsworth is a poem written by Boey Kim Chen, which deals with human destruction of nature and mans indifference towards this.

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Report to wordsworth Report to wordsworth is a poem written by Boey Kim Chen, which deals with human destruction of nature and man's indifference towards this. It is an answer to the famous poet William Wordsworth. Wordsworth was born and lived most of his life in the rural northwest of En gland known as the Lake District. He was a romantic poet, who saw in nature and emblem of God, and was against human's destruction of it.. In the first line, Cheng invocate Wordsworth, and makes reference to the environmental problems. Cheng explains Wordsworth what is the state of nature in this modern wordls, making reference to the smog , ahi tiro frase, and that the flower don't grow any more. ...read more.


By saying that poetry and piety began to fail, he is saying that in the past they prevented to destroy the world by relying ont his things.In the last coupley, Cheng is saying that we are being warned. The tone of this poem is desperate and reflexive. Cheng with the use of personification places nature at the same importance of human beings. The use of "you" means either the audience or Wordworth. Report to Wordsworth by Boey Kimk Cheng is a contemporary poem that alludes to wordsworth�s poetry, especially "the word is too much with us", witch dealt with nature and beauty of world. With the passing of time this "beauty" has been decreased by human progress, so this inspired Cheng to write about world's destruction. ...read more.


We can see subjects as flowers and birds that remind the reader of what is being harmed and lost. By using the words "dying clock" the idea of "decay" is implied and makes the reader understand that the destruction of nature is a matter of time, so it shows the urgency of a change the future of nature. Boey Kim Cheng makes reference to Greek gods like Proteus, Triton and Neptune and they are described like gods that lost their ways and are also compared to humans, so Cheng wants to show as that they had lost their powers and they are not even gods in these days. Be it by the use of language, mythology or guilt, Boey Kim Cheng creates feelings in the reader and communicates his message of a change in human attitude if we do not want Nature continue being destroyed. ...read more.

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