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Richard III essay

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Kris S. Mahendrarajah Mr. Persaud ENG2D7-1A 04 April 2007 Richard III by William Shakespeare: Essay Assignment Is Richard totally evil or does he have any admirable qualities? The philosophy of Richard's life was to pursue the art of evil, for his own pleasures and advantages. His rejection from society due to his physical deformity causes Richard to practice villainy and devastate the general public. Due to the fact he cannot appreciate the simple pleasures of life, he is determined to place himself above all others and implant a greater impression on the citizens' minds. Despite the fact that Shakespeare portrays Richard as a vile and cunning villain, he has some commendable qualities. Richard's wicked character is masked by his emotional monologues, ambition to accomplish his goals, and remarkable power of persuasion to seduce those who become a necessity with his enhanced wordplay. The aura he creates about his apparent "good-natured" personality with those personas makes readers almost forget about his hateful mission and admire how Richard goes about on his way. The paradox supports the "appearance vs. reality" theme that dominates the play, and confuses the audience whether Richard III is the villain or hero. ...read more.


Without ambition to motivate Richard to accomplish his goals, they would surely have not gone according to plan. As the play progresses, the extent of Richard's evil ways becomes more identifiable as the fog begins to clear. His ambition was a result of his twisted and sadistic mind, hungry for power and control. Richard challenged himself to the task of overthrowing all the rightful heirs to the throne, in order for him to secure the throne for himself. Also, he is ambitious in the sense that it blinded him from the importance of humanity. In order for Richard to become King, he had the obstacle of his own family. His resent for the happiness around him caused him to become more malicious as he slowly attained his "dream". Richard must execute Clarence after his ailing brother King Edward dies; hence he will become the Lord Protector for the Kings' children. Therefore, nobody could accuse him for both murders. " Well your imprisonment shall not be long: I will deliver you, or else lie for you. Meantime, have patience." (Act I, Sc.I, lines 114-116) Richard comforts Clarence that his stay in the Tower of London will not be long. Clarence believes his brother will to do anything in his power to get him out. ...read more.


"My manly eyes did scorn a humble tear; And what these sorrows could not thence exhale, Thy beauty hath, and made them blind with weeping. I never sued to friend nor enemy: My tongue could never learn sweet smoothing word; But now thy beauty is propos'd my fee, My proud heat sues, and prompts my tongue to speak." (Act II, Sc. II, lines 168-174) "Nay, do not pause, for I did kill King Henry-- But 'twas thy beauty that provoked me. Nay, now dispatch: 'twas I that stabb'd young Edward- But 'twas thy heavenly face that set me on." (Act II, Sc. II, lines 183-187) Richard had successfully courted Anne and would strengthen his claim to the throne with their marriage. The audience cannot resist the temptation to appreciate Richard's manipulation techniques, for they know the truth behind his intentions. Richard's portrayal is the ideal depiction of a cunning and despicable villain; conversely, the amount of sympathy and pity received from the audience is well deserved. His astounding monologues, blinding ambition, and most predominantly the manipulation and control with his skill of words are a force to be reckoned with. These aspects allowed Richard to achieve his goals deserve the praise and respect given by the audience. Richard is indeed an atrocious villain, but he does possess some venerable qualities that are used with skill. Mahendrarajah - 1 - ...read more.

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