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Ridjal Noor has conveyed family tension throughout Anil; by using a broad variation of writing techniques

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Ridjal Noor has conveyed family tension throughout ?Anil?; by using a broad variation of writing techniques. Family tension could be considered one of the key themes as it is apparent throughout the story; emotionally, physically and mentally. In Malaysia they live in a patriarchal society; where the males dominate. Their culture gives more authority and power to males. This is apparent in ?Anil?, as Anil and his mother sleep on mats whereas Ragunathan has a ?rattan bed?, creating family tension due to inequality. Though opportunities for men and women differ by ethnic group and social class, it is evident in ?Anil? that the parents are both of a lower social class, due to being servants to headman in the village. The opening line to ?Anil? portrays suffering ?On a hot, sweltering night in the middle of March when the mosquitoes were in their reign of terrorism.? Ridjal Noor has purposely introduced one of the key moods; ?suffering? from the beginning, so that the reader can create pathos. The mosquitoes could be an ongoing metaphorical term referring to the Headman and Marimuthu the crime they have committed. ...read more.


The quote, ?he did not need a walloping at this time of night.? insinuates that Anil was scared to wake up his father. This displays the poor relationship they have with each other creating family tension. The word ?walloping? implies that Anil is frequently abused as it is an intricate word for a seven year old. There may be family tension within the family due to their lifestyle. ?roof of the hut where there were many holes in the ceiling? the quote implies that they?re standard of living and quality of life is poor, this is also apparent due to their social class and hierarchy. The Constancy of complex sentence throughout creates a steady pace and rhythm. The steady, slow pace may be symbolic to their lifestyle; everyday they lead the same routine. This may cause confliction in the family as it is limiting their opportunities of life ambitions. Anil is presented as very ambitious ?because his dreams were bigger than him?. This may be why his parents have not informed him of his arranged future life ?He would also be working for the headman, though he had no knowledge of this? this shows tension during the family, as Anil has bigger expectations of life. ...read more.


The quote ?its tired wheels? could be referring to where Ragunathan is emotionally warn out, the use of personification helps to create imagery for the reader. Ridjal Noor has used writing techniques which help convey family tension ?Someday you will understand, son, someday you will see that it is for your own good,? the Repetition of ?someday you will? emphasizes the frustration and anger he is feeling. There is family tension evident here as Ragunathan has sacrificed his only son for his loyalty to the headman. Tension is also added at the fact Anil doesn?t want to go ?Stop this train ? stop the train!? again the use of repetition creates tension and emphasizes his emotions of panic. Ridjal Noor uses a similie ?image of the train, making it look like a squiggly worm? this conveys imagery for the reader helping them to create pathos for the characters. This quotation is also from Anil?s perspective; this makes the simile more poignant. Family tension is suggested throughout ?Anil?, Appa is the main stimulus for most of the family tension. Ridjal Noor has successfully conveyed family tension, by using a diversity of writing techniques to create atmosphere and emotions. Rijal has used the nature as ongoing metaphorical ...read more.

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