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Role of pain in Night

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World Literature Essay Pain is a tragedy in all three of the pieces of literature. In Night, Eliezer had to suffer through the pain of the death march. This was tragic in that he had to deal with the mental and physical pain the death march caused him: "I was dragging with me this skeletal body which weighed so much. If only I could get rid of it!" In this quote Eliezer is describing how he felt on the death march. The quote shows you how much pain he was in and the march had only just begun. The book Night is mostly about the pain and suffering of Eliezer during the holocaust. Eliezer suffered a great amount of pain throughout the book. The tragic pain of Cyrano had more to do with the mental pain than physical pain. Cyrano was self-conscious of his nose so it stopped him from going after his love, Roxanne. Many people would say remarks about his nose caused him a lot of pain inside, which he would not show. Busybody: I find it small, quite small, tiny! Cyrano: A plague on that! An absurd small nose, you now inform us! ...read more.


Throughout the book one hears of Cyrano's love for Roxane but he is too afraid to tell her. At one moment in the play, Roxane is describing who the man she loves is to Cyrano. At first, Cyrano thinks it is him, but then Roxane says he is handsome and he soon realizes it cannot possibly be him. The person Roxane is describing turns out to be Christian, and Cyrano decides to help Christian win the love of Roxane. At the end of the play, Cyrano is on his death-bed, and he begins to recite one of Christian letters he wrote to Roxane which he actually wrote himself. He was reciting the letter in the dark to Roxane: "Roxane: You love me. Cyrano: No... Roxane: Now truth has got the better of you. Cyrano: No, no, my dearest love, I didn't love you! Roxane: Things that I thought were dead are born again. Why, during all those years, were you silent, when here on the letter, where Christian had no place, these tears were your tears." In this quote, although Cyrano is about to die he still will not tell the truth to Roxane about his love for her in order to keep his promise to Christian. ...read more.


Oedipus does not die, but he loses is wife/mother. Jocasta kills herself because she finds out that Oedipus was her son and husband. (Lines 1232-1246.) In these lines, the second messenger is telling the Chorus what happened to Jocasta and how she died. He said that she while she was hanging herself she was thinking of Oedipus and how he killed her husband and had children with her. The tragic deaths in all of these literature pieces play a huge role in each piece. Each main character faces tragic deaths to either themselves or a loved one. Although Night, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Oedipus the King are different they all share the common theme of tragedy. The tragedies of pain, love and death are found throughout all three of the literature pieces. They each express and show them differently. Eliezer, Cyrano, and Oedipus are all different people in different eras, but they still share the same tragedies of having to suffer through physical and mental pain, having to lose a loved one, and the tragedy of death each face in different ways. These pieces of work have stood the test of time and will continue to because they all can be related to by many and they show the true nature of human beings. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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