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romeo and juliet

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Introduction - This scene is the most important scene in the play. It takes place after Romeo and Juliet get married. In the scene Tybalt tries to provoke Romeo into a fight. Romeo disapproves. Mercutio's thinks that Romeo is backing away and so he steps up to fight against Tybalt. Tybalt kills Mercutio. This builds rage within Romeo who then kills Tybalt. This scene is a contrast to the final moments of the last Act where Romeo and Juliet get married secretly. This contrast highlights the main theme of the play - violence and love. Both these themes are constantly brought up. Character Romeo - - starts off as gentle person that doesn't want to fight with Tybalt because of the fact he is ...read more.


This is clearly shown when Tybalt calls Romeo a "villain" to provoke Romeo into duelling him, so that he could slay him. In the scene he kills Mercutio but ends being killed himself Language - - Mercutio speaks in a prose - it shows his informality however this doesn't he is from a lower class. It illustrates his attitude towards the situation and Tybalt. It seems like he doesn't think that he will die at the start of the scene ("but my heel, I care not"). However he does die. This reflects the unpredictably of the play. - After Mercutio's death the tone of the play becomes serious. ...read more.


They will not let each other go alone. However there is a sense that Tybalt is there for a fight. Mercutio probably knows this. Being true to his character Mercutio could be saying that if one of my friend is in a fight then so may I. - The repetition of the words "gentlemen" and "sir" used by Tybalt shows us his background - a person from high class family. However this is a contrast if you compare this with his behaviour. Words such as "sir" and "gentlemen" are usually used to show respect to the person you are talking to. This again is ironic because both these family has little or no respect for each other ...read more.

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