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Self discipline and willpower in "The sound of waves" by Yukio Mishima and "One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich" by Alaxander Solzhenitsyn.

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Harsh Patel 643984 ENG 3U8-B Due: November 16, 2012 Self-Discipline and Willpower In both novels, The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima and One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alaxander Solzhenitsyn, the characters demonstrate the extent of their self-discipline and willpower through their ability to undertake responsibility in difficult situations. During a nasty typhoon brewing around the freighter, Shinji shows his dedication for his job and his strong willpower by undertaking the challenge of rescuing the buoy. Knowing the risks of the task, Shinji, "shouted out in a cheerful voice, and as he did so the white flash of his teeth shone through the blackness to prove that he was smiling. ...read more.


Furthermore, even though Shinji?s mother has a painful job of diving she realizes the importance of providing food for her family is more significant. Shinji?s mother endures the physical, ?wounds inflicted on the tips of the toes when kicking off against the sea?s bottom, with its carper of sharp-edged shells, to rise to the surface?? (136) Evidently, Shinji?s mother has strong willpower as she tolerates the wounds on herself in order for the survival of her family, fulfilling her responsibility as a mother. Similarly, the characters in Ivan Denisovich demonstrate their disciplinary willpower by taking upon the responsibility in the Gulag Camp. ...read more.


Alike Shinji who is a fisherman, Shukhov also demonstrates self-discipline by the way in taking responsibility, despite his unbearable condition, as a prisoner. Moreover, the prisoners complete their tasks to the best of their ability even though the situation of the camps is unbearable. The prisoners work hard for their food since, ?their bellies were held in by rope belts. The cold was fierce. There was no shelter and no fire.? (47) The prisoners have strong willpower as they show persistence in completing their tasks in these severe conditions. The prisoners maintain willpower to survive in the camp, similar to Shinji?s mother who endures the physical pain in order to protect her family. Overall, the characters in both novels have strong self-discipline and willpower as shown through their ability to successfully undertake responsibility even in the most challenging situations. ...read more.

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