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Short Reflection On Sylvia Plath's Life

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Rushabh K Kamdar English SL ENGLISH REFLECTION Almost every recognized author or poet in the history of literature has his writing greatly influenced by his past. The same was the case with one of the most popular poet in the twelfth century, Sylvia Plath. Her whole life was filled with ups and downs and like many others; her works became famous only after her death. ...read more.


Plaths? shift to Winthrop, for instance, made Sylvia familiar and intimate with the sea and she was able to recognize its beauty and power, which is seen in her poem ?Mirror?. Plath started focusing on poems since the age of twelve and placed closed attention on syllabics and line and stanza lengths, and loads of other poetic styles. And so most of her poems have a persistent line and stanza lengths. ...read more.


It is ironic that even though Plath was one of the mostly famous poets in the twelfth centuries, she struggled all her life as one. She was not much successful in this career at the start and had frequent rejection of her works from the publishers. Sylvia Plath?s life was filled with dreadful stories of her anguish and sorrow. Such events in her life influenced her works in all the possible ways. Her writing of semi-autobiographical poems gave insight to her moods and gave the readers a sight on how she confronted problems. Word Count: 326 ...read more.

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