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Speech on loneliness in the Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

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The passage I?m going to talk about is in page 50[a]. In this page, the dominant theme that captivates the reader?s attention is the death of Eriko. The first apparent issue that comes into this novel is the pain and loneliness the protagonist feels after her parents and her grandmother dies the other day. As years goes [b]by, everything vanishes leaving her alone in tragedy. This passage also illustrates the same death, catastrophe that happened in the first chapter. She torments on her second mother, Eriko?s death, who was killed by a psychotic stalker. Not only [c]Mikage feels the emptiness in her life and the ?darkness? the author always mentions throughout the novel, but Yuichi also faces the irresistible depression. ...read more.


Moreover, there is a growth in Mikage?s personality through finding hope and achieving mental recovery. These two themes combines and shows the reader how a catastrophe such as death can be recovered through relationship and families. The method Yoshimoto uses to illustrate mental recovery is by inputting the ?unusualness? that exceeds what the reader expects. In this passage, there is definitely an unusual optimism that arouses from Mikage. After a serious conversation with Yuichi, Mikage relieves the serious atmosphere by comparing her and Yuichi as the ?destruction workers[e]?. Mikage radiates a cheerful yet somber feeling to alleviate how much pain she suffered through this process of joking. When Yuichi says he has become an orphan, Mikage replies with an energetic yet mournful tone. ...read more.


For example use a quote or scream sthg or shout something controversial or have statistics [b]go [c]only does [d]where is ur example in this chapter. I think you should have at elast one [e]instead of incorporating a quote, just quote a line so u can say like ?according to p.XX, XXX says XXX.? This shows that? Change around the order of this paragraph so that u meet the 1,2,3,4 format [f]are [g]delete [h]building up of optimistic attitude nad conversation increases hopes and ways to appreciate the present. You always wanna use active voice like -ing [i]the string snaps here. What is the problem in Japan? U just need 1 line to elaborate this [j]End with something controversial like a question. So, how do you want to live your life, as a lonely orphan, or someone who actually works hard to gain love? ...read more.

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