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Stagnant Society in "Anthem" by Ayn Rand

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Dewji Abbas Dewji March 15, 2010 Stagnant Society in Anthem Anthem by Ayn Rand is a story of someone who breaks away from the mindless herd of society and dares to commit all the unspeakable transgressions . The plot takes place after mankind retrogresses to a futuristic dark age where to think and question the things around them is considered a crime . Equality 7-2521, the main character, lives in a collectivist society where the individual does not exist, only the group, ?We? . Fascinated by discovery, Equality 7-2521 grows up wanting to be a scholar in the Council of Scholars . When the time came he is assigned the job of being a Street Sweeper, because he is trying to be different and for thinking on his own with his inquisitive mind . ...read more.


How could someone so different from the ?We?, hold such a high position and role in society . Thus, they made an example of him, saying that being different, being an individual out of the ?We? is useless . Equality 7-2521?s nature is to ask questions about the things around him and to make new discoveries and inventions . However the society around him chose to shun him for his inquisitive mind and nature . He writes ?We wished to know . We wished to know about all the things which make the earth around us . We asked so many questions that he Teachers forbade it? and ?if we went to the Home of the Scholars, we could learn from these also . We could ask questions of these for they do not forbid questions?(23, 24) ...read more.


However the rest of society wants to remain stagnant and remain the same . Thus they reject him . The perfect example of this is when the scholars reject the power from the sky . They say ?It must be destroyed?(74) . If he could create light on his own, imagine what he could do with the facilities of the within the House of Scholars . The Council of Vocations foresaw this and tries to prevent before it became out of hand . To sum it up, the Council of Vocation?s sinister motive in putting Equality 7-2521 in the House of the street sweepers is that he is to advance and innovative for his time period . Just the like man, who burns at the state for speaking the unspeakable word . Equality 7-2521?s individualistic values in a collectivistic society lead him far away where he will build a new race of individuals, innovators and thinkers . ...read more.

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