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Stereotypical image of women in Henrik Ibsens Dolls House and in August Strindbergs Miss Julie .

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Stereotypical image of women in Henrik Ibsen?s dolls house and in August Strindberg?s Miss Julie Society had great expectation from the women folk as in men were considered more superior than women, on the contrary women were always locked in their households and their primary duty remained the same irrespective of class and caste. One of their responsibilities was to behave in a way that would satisfy father, brother, husband and her son. Women in that era never really had any access to education even though that the huge responsibility of grooming up her children lay in her hands. So more or less they were just a possession owned without any rights and were struck in a harsh cult of domesticity. So all in all they could be compared to a bird with clipped wings. This could be pertained trough Henry Ibsen?s play the doll?s house and august Strindberg Miss Julie as these playwrights have brilliantly landscaped the ladies situation in the 19th century. Henrik Ibsen the author of the doll?s house briefs us on women play a sacrificial role in the society and the struggle that they go through for individuality in their social and married life. ...read more.


This event was an eye opener as now she could identify the true materialistic chauvinist husband in Helmer even though the realization reached her very late she set out of her house and from Trovald’s life and broke the conventionality of a stereotypical wife. Whereas ‘Miss Julie’ sets another scenario altogether although even this play pictures the hardship faced by the women in the 19th century she was portrayed to a weaker lady compared to Nora and her creator august Strindberg had made her look careless with low self esteem because he was a staunch misogynist and through this the mentality of that era is quite clear as he didn’t favor ladies at all. This play also shows us how the dominated sex has the right over the others and in this play Miss Julie wanted to be the authority and wanted to show that she is superior then her fiancé. She was a sadist and that later turned her into a masochist as she liked hurting herself but she removed her frustration by letting Jean her servant to abuse her . All this was happening because. ...read more.


and for Jean in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a count he used miss Julie and sexually exploited her in order to control her. In conclusion if we compare both the authors they have pictured the climax differently as Henrik Ibsen?s lead character Nora took revenge and left her husband in behalf of the entire women folk who are suffering from identity crisis and have lost their individuality in this pseudonym of housewife?s and the resolution that Henrik Ibsen upholds trough this play is the dignity of the female community. Whereas August Strindberg?s play Miss Julie resolve around the death of a helpless degraded woman. But the one thing that is common in both the plays is that the stereotypical expectation of the society about a woman was broken. The society?s expectation about women is predefined and it becomes a taboo majority of the women fits into this mould. Certain times adverse circumstances realization, crave for identity loss of individuality and frustration lead women to break away the conventions of the predetermined society. At this juncture the image of woman moves away from being stereotyped. ...read more.

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