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Summary of Jose Saramago's "The Cave".

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The Cave ? Jose Saramago ? 2002 ? Portugal 1. Summary Cipriano Algor is a potter that makes earthenware with his daughter and sells it to The Center in the city. When they stop buying and make him take back his stuff, his life changes. He works on clay figurines to sell to The Center instead and they order hundreds, he meets an elderly widow who he likes, adopts a stray dog, and moves to The Center with his daughter and son-in-law, a security guard there. The widow comes to live with them and he buries the old earthenware in a cave. 1. Setting This story takes place in the country, as well as the city. ...read more.


1. Conflict Moving to an apartment in The Center is a growing conflict that gets larger as Marçal’s promotion to resident guard becomes more imminent. Cipriano is doesn’t want to give up his dying craft, pottery, and live at the center, but he eventually agrees to go because of his old age and his hope to spend time with his family. The Center has strict rules though, that make it hard for them to move. They cannot bring their personal belonging like furniture or silverware, and to move Cipriano has to give up pottery. 1. Character The main character is definitely Cipriano Algor. He is also the main senior character of the novel. ...read more.


It also created more stressors in his life as he had to learn a new form of pottery with his daughter and The Center did not want to buy all of the figures right away. 1. Theme People who grow up believing one thing are likely to continue to believe that for their entire life. The industrial world tried to shut down the pottery and Cipriano stood up for himself and continued as a potter. It was his tradition to make pottery and nobody had the right to take that away. 1. a. Reader Response If I could meet with Cipriano, I would have a nice conversation about his life. Since he has great seniority over me, I would want to be very respectful and listen to whatever he has to say. I would ask if he regrets not taking some other career path instead of following his ancestors. ...read more.

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