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Sylvia Plath Sleep.The serene tone of the poem appeals to the listener to the extent that the calmness associated with sleep resounds through the course of the poem.

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Variations on the word "Sleep" The serene tone of the poem appeals to the listener to the extent that the calmness associated with sleep resounds through the course of the poem. In the first verse, the various implied meanings of sleep are revealed. The poet affirms in the poem that sleep denotes a deep slumber, sexual relationships, dreams and rejuvenation of life. The poem has limited full stops, with five full stops totally present in the poem. No verse ends with a full stop, and therefore each verse flows into another. Due to this, the poet utilizes the technique of enjambment, as lines flow into each other. This is done to signify the temporariness of the sleep, as well its constancy and non interruptions. The poem has no rhyme scheme or particular pattern and therefore can be said similar to a paragraph, rather than recited. ...read more.


I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed & that necessary. The poet desires the feminine role to be as vital as air itself. Though women are essential to a man's life, just like the air, they must not be consumed wholly. As soon as they are liberated from that permanent bondage, they can assume a necessary role in the society, one that does not revolve around the fascination of their body. The first two line of the poem are identical, but with the comma situated at different instances. Thus the sentence connotes two different meanings. I would like to watch you sleeping, which may not happen. I would like to watch you, sleeping. The first line implies that the narrator would like to watch the addressee as he lay asleep. ...read more.


The role that the poet assumes is not only that of a partner, and one that helps overcome the worst fears but also the role of a rescuer. I would like to follow you up the long stairway again & become the boat that would row you back carefully With the poet's aid and extended friendship in the form of a white flower or a word, the addressee could overcome the grief and troubles that centred his life. The poet metaphorically compares her ability to drive the man to safe to a boat that would act as a safety vessel. The poem may seem to be a romantic one that calls for sexual relationship between individual. However it can also indicate the awakening of the woman's voice, as she lay originally sleeping. This voice will liberate the woman so that she may assume a necessary role. At this time, the sleeping side-by-side seems to affirm equality of status and importance. ...read more.

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