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Tales of Huckleberry Finn Essay

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The literal movement from one place to another adds greater meaning to works of literature. Mark Twain?s The Tales of Huckleberry Finn is no exception. The protagonist and his companion?s physical journey deeper into the South contains heart-racing adventure that plays a central role in the novel. Throughout their journey, Twain progressively has Huck and Jim?s relationship grow from acquaintances to true friends from the obstacles they face. The beginning of the novel takes place in Huck?s hometown in the South. The town itself consists of its usual characters. The town drunk, the gang of mischievous boys, and obviously it has its fair share of slaves. Huck and every other town member has been raised to believe that slavery is not bad or good, that it is just a way of life. ...read more.


Huck is living the somewhat good life. He has escaped his abusive father, everyone thinks he is dead, but he is awfully lonely, ?it got sort of lonesome? (Twain 52). Unfortunately, Huck stumbles across another fire pit on his quaint island and begins to worry. Later that night, his worries are alleviated when he runs into Miss Watson?s slave, Jim. Huck is just brimming with joy to finally have a companion, ?I was ever so glad to see Jim. I warn?t lonesome?? (Twain 55). A little late on in their reunion, Jim confesses that he ran away to reach this island. Considering there is no around to tell Huck that he turn Jim in, Huck is able to make his own decision and keep mum. ...read more.


Jim wanted to hide the fact that the dead man was actually Huck?s father. Examples such as these make it apparent that Jim kept Huck in the highest regards; he wanted to do right by the boy. It is quite strange how the deeper into the South Huck and Jim ventured the closer they became. Jim became the caring and protective father figure that Huck never had. While Huck was the first Caucasian that ever treated Jim with kindness, respect, why even wanted to help set him free. The more dangerous the areas around them became the more the bond grew. When some men were looking for a runaway slave, Huck made sure that they did not get a single look at Jim. When Huck came out of the fog alive and well, Jim was the happiest he had ever been. Their physical surroundings were major attributes to their strong relationship. ...read more.

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