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The character of Victor Frankenstein

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Writing Assignment: Critique English The character of Victor Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein grows up in Geneva reading the works of the ancient and out-dated alchemists. At the university in Ingolstadt he learns about modern science and specifically chemistry and, within a few years, knows all he needs to know for his future project. He becomes fascinated with the ?secret of life,? and when he discovers it, he creates a living organism out of dead body parts from a graveyard. The monster proceeds to kill Victor?s youngest brother. Although he suffers due to shame and guilt, Victor refuses to admit to anyone the horror of what he has created because he doesn?t want to face any of the possible, personal consequences. ...read more.


This has certain side effects, because if his project had failed he might have suffered from a mental breakdown as completing his project was, at that point, his only goal in life. It seems, from that perspective, fortunate that he created life out of death body particles, but eventually Victor wishes that he had never created such a monster. When Victors? mother died this had an unsurprisingly big impact on Victor, as his mother had always taken care of him and his adopted sister. His obsession for creating life might have received a boost due to his mothers? death. Victor might have been convinced that no human should have to coop with the heart breaking loss of a life and this thought could have been his main motive for creating living organisms out of dead body particles. ...read more.


Victor disregarded the fact that the monster might have been friendly and unfortunately for Victor?s family he labels the monster as an evil creature and abandons him because Victor believes he?s ugly. This was the biggest mistake he could have made, because the monster is going to hunt Victors? family down. Victor Frankenstein was passionate, ambitious man who unfortunately became obsessed by the ?secret of life?. Due to his obsession he stopped writing his family and worked alone in his room. He found the ?secret of life?. This had some major consequences for the family of Victor. Frankenstein went to far and it shouldn?t be up to humans to generate life out of dead bodies. In my eyes, Victor is a mad scientist because he is so obsessed with his project that he overlooks the catastrophic consequences his project has. ...read more.

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