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The collision of the Native American, European, and African cultures greatly influenced the shaping of the American society.

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Collision of Culture In the course of human events it is inevitable that different cultures will meet. Throughout history, when cultures with drastically contrasting traits met, great conflicts occurred. When two cultures are in contact, the culture with superior technology tends to try and take over the other culture. Such behaviors were also present when the Europeans, Native Americans, and African cultures clashed. When these three cultures met, the period was during the Age of Exploration. This was a period of time when a fervor of knowledge for the geography of the world was greatly expressed, resulting in the discovery of the Americas. The collision of the Native American, European, and African cultures greatly influenced the shaping of the American society. One important culture that influenced America was the Native American culture. The Native American culture is mainly presented through two different themes, the themes of respect for nature and animals. ...read more.


This is similar to the Africans. The Africans also had a peaceful relationship with nature, respecting it. However, this idea certainly contradicts the European belief in exploiting nature and animals. This reflects their aggressive personalities. Another important culture present is the European American culture. The main themes of European American culture are religious devotion and materialistic beliefs. For example, in ?Plymouth Plantation,? by Bradford, God is mentioned over ten times in the short passage. This was due to the fact that the first Europeans to come to America were Puritans who were people fleeing religious persecution. The materialistic inclinations of European American culture are presented in the ?Soul of the Indians.? In the chapter, it is mentioned that as soon as the Europeans landed in the Americas they sought to generate profit from everything they saw. They even put price tags on Native Americans and subjugated them into lives of forced labor. ...read more.


By doing this, the Africans were unable to communicate with each other and attempt a rebellion. Both of the themes are also present in the European and Native American cultures. Europeans and Native Americans love their families and are in great trouble when they are not able to communicate with each other. However, these themes are more clearly depicted in the unique African American culture of slaves. In conclusion, the Native American, European, and African cultures have influenced in shaping the American culture. The Americans have created a melting pot in the soil of the New World. With these diverse cultures, America was able to propel itself forward and distinguish itself as the most influential nation in the world politically, economically, and socially. Throughout history, there have been other incidents of cultural collision and mixing. Many times, the outcomes were negative. As cultures collide, it is inevitable that one culture will try to dominate another one, but in American society, this clash of cultures was healthy and incorporated the stronger aspects of many cultures. ...read more.

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