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The Crucible Act 1 Summary Notes.

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Act 1 Key Events Betty was lying sick in bed, unresponsive. There is a rumor around town that she is a supposed victim of witchcraft. Mr. Reverent Parris is on of the main priest's of Salem and is also Betty's dad, is really worried, he thinks that the girls (Susanna, Ruth, Betty and Abigail) were performing with craft acts why he saw them dancing in the forest naked. Mrs. Putman is the wife the of Mr. Putman, a successful farmer has lost 7 children which all died in the day of their birth and she is totally convinced to contact her children with the help of Tituba to find the responsible of their deaths. She also complains on how her only caught Ruth is as well ill, as Betty, and perhaps thinks that it's all witchcraft act and claims that she saw Betty flying out the window. ...read more.


The church had an enormous influence and an authority in the town. All of their beliefs and lost of faith in religion from most of the people living in Salem lead to an insecurity and a feeling of hysteria of the community in either to belief in witches or other devilish images that were contrary to their religious beliefs. Atmosphere development in Act 1 The atmosphere throughout the whole play is the one that shows how tense people where towards the situation of the witches and the devil. It all shows how the community believed in such superstition that it all build up tension and uncertainty that also showed how this people were feeling really insecure towards the situation. Using the thoughts of some of the characters, we also know that there?s always someone blaming another causing even more disturbance to the other characters and of course, the Atmosphere. ...read more.


Putman ? A rich farmer. A close-minded person, stubborn and suspect?s witchcraft from many people. Mercy ? A servant that works for Mr. Putman. Mary Warren ? Mr. Proctor?s servant. Rebecca ? A nurse that is well known is Salem. Giles ? An elderly man from the community of Salem that come in and gets on really well with Mr. Proctor. Proctor ? A successful farmer in Salem. He is the one that committed the acts of Adultery with Abigail. Good relationship with Mr. Parris. Hale ? Comes from the near town of Beverly to help to investigate the supposed acts of witchcraft. What do we learn about them? We can learn that these characters learn how to find their own dignity and afford to find a solution to all of the problems happening in Salem. Many of these characters go through a really tough time because they are facing charges and blames of guiltiness or are just insecure personally and with what?s happening with the ?witchcraft activity? in Salem. Nancy Chan ...read more.

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