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The dual effect of words in "Two words" by Isabel Allende

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Harsh Patel Mrs. Colwell ENG 2D8 Due: February 27, 2012 The Dual Effect of Words Deep insightful words are so strong that a blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow with a sword, as words have a terrible power to influence one?s mind for better or worse. A literate lady named Belisa Crepusculario uses powerful words to create a presidential speech for the Colonel, resulting in a positive effect and influence of the society. However, this is not always the case as words have negative effects on the society and influence on one?s mind. In the story ?Two words?, Isabel Allende demonstrates that Belisa?s words have positive and negative effects on society. Therefore, meaningful words have the power to create dual effects by influencing one?s mind and changing perspectives. Belisa?s speech demonstrates the positive effect of words as it influences the society to support Colonel even though he is a frightening person. ...read more.


As the Colonel speaks, the villagers are, ?dazzled by the clarity of Colonel?s proposals and the poetic lucidity of his arguments, infected by his powerful wish to right the wrongs of history, happy for the first time in their lives.? (6) The words that comes out of the Colonel?s mouth persuade the villagers in a sense on futuristic hope and makes them feel relieved ?for the first time in their lives? showing the positive effect of such powerful words on people?s minds. Belisa?s presidential speech for the Colonel contains influential words that have positive effects on the listeners, leaving a sense of excitement, hope and happiness. Although words have positive impact on people?s minds, they are also seen to have a negative effect on the society and particular individuals. Belisa is free to leave and El Mulato accompanies her to the roadside, thinking about Belisa?s amazing speech. ...read more.


Lastly, El Mulato goes to fetch the wicked witch, Belisa, to cure his master. Even though Mulato is furious, ?his fear of her tongue prevented his cutting her to shreds with his whip.? (8) High post in war, El Mulato shows fear towards an unphysical object such as words which demonstrate the negative side of the power of speech. All in all, strong words are able to have negative effects on individuals which lead to fear. As shown in ?The power of words? by Isabel Allende people?s minds are influential by powerful words that have dual effects that either makes a person happy or demolishes their understandings. Words have a positive effect on the villagers as it fills their mind with hopeful and happy thoughts for the future. However, words have negative effects as shown by the Colonel and El Mulato where the words have the ability to alter their minds. Unlike the majority of physical wounds which heel, hurtful words have the power to scar the mind and soul and leave permanent damage to one?s life. ...read more.

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