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The following is a recording to be played to the auditorium before the play begins. It is to educate them on the background to the play as well as an understanding on the characters.Giuseppe "Pino" Pinelli is the name, I tell you now I have no shame.

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The following is a recording to be played to the auditorium before the play begins. It is to educate them on the background to the play as well as an understanding on the characters. The auditorium is to be in complete darkness with a single spotlight situated on an old fashioned stool with a tape player situated on top. Il signor Giuseppe pinelli siete sotto arresto il sospetto dell'assassinio di sedici persone e il pregiudizio di ottanta quattro dopo i bombardamenti che ha avuto luogo a Piazza Fontana precedenti 12 oggi il dicembre 1969. "If you would please state your full name for the recording"... Giuseppe "Pino" Pinelli is the name, I tell you now I have no shame I apologise now your wasting time, I am not the man you seek out for this crime "And your date of birth"... "October 21, 1928" "Now Mr Pinelli do you understand why you have been placed under arrest?" ...read more.


Its clear they have selected me along with the other 79 people they arrested because of our political views: oh wait I should explain a little bit more about our political spectrum at the time... well here goes. Your back in 1969 and Italy is a divided turbulant country, with the proletariat and bourgeousie along with established political groups on either the far left or right. No government could understand or control the people leading to catastrophes such as the 1969 bombings. I was informed that there should have been a previous bomb which failed to detonate in a bank in Milan which police blew up themselves instead of the bomb disposal unit safely removing it; if your thinking what I am then that is extremely strange. However it was the bombing of the Piazza that left people marvelling at the aftermath for years to come: the bombing I am being held for! ...read more.


The police have come and taken me back to the question room now, it must be on or around the 4th floor because I have been made to walk up a lot of stairs in order to get to this extremely small and cold room; I am so weak my legs feel like they could give way at any moment now: I am seated. I am wearing only trousers and shirt so I am truly feeling the cold... I shiver! As I plead my innocence my words fall on deafened ears and the man in front reaches for the telephone just as another opened the window behind me.. again I shivered! I had the courage to stick it out, regardless of accusations flying about; I never felt guilt for what I believe, and now im so glad that my family can grieve. Now theres the truth unfalsified, no more people thinking I lied; Now i can be laid to rest in peace, no more interference from fraudulant police. But now its your turn to face the tale, about the death of a passionate male. ...read more.

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