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The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is considered to be one of the greatest novels in American literature. Through the eyes of Nick Carraway F. Scott Fitzgerald takes the reader on a journey of discovery during the roaring 20s into the lives of the rich powerful of the upper class society. F. Scott Fitzgerald effectively uses imagery and writing style to capture the true nature of love and the American Dream. The uncomforting nature of the Great Gatsby reaches out to the reader and makes them question their own beliefs about love and success in modern society. This realisation leads us to believe that the values of life that give us hope may just be a fallacy. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses a range of techniques throughout the novel to portray that The American Dream is an illusion. F. Scott Fitzgerald clearly demonstrates that our dreams cannot be achieved. On page 188 it says, ?Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us.? This quote explains that Gatsby believed that he can achieve his dreams. ...read more.


F. Scott Fitzgerald is using metaphoric language to paint a picture of human beings attempting to achieve their dreams. The troubles in life which are pictured as the current is pushing them backwards while they row forward towards their dream which in The Great Gatsby, is portrayed as the green light. The past acts as the origin of their ideas and dreams for the future. For Gatsby, it was re-creating his love affair with Daisy back in 1917. However, the very reason why they are being pushed backwards by the current, of why they cannot turn dream into reality, is because the dream itself is pushing them back into the past. While they never lose their optimism [?Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further??], they keep pushing on with all they?ve got, in the hopeful pursuit of achieving their dreams which are moving even further away. By using descriptive language to create imagery, F. ...read more.


Scott Fitzgerald?s idea, I still believe that if you work hard your dreams can be achieved but now, I believe that working hard is not enough to be able to be accepted be the rich and powerful. This leads me to believe that the higher upper class in society are not respectful to anyone but their own. After reading the Great Gatsby, the reader has been taken on an uncomforting journey of the deceptive nature present in the upper class society of American during the 1920s. The reader has followed the life of Great Gatsby as he struggled to achieve his dream. Through Gatsby?s life and his struggles the reader realizes that The American Dream is nothing but a deception used to keep the working class believing that they can do better. The reader also realizes that love doesn?t depend on who the person is but what they are. These uncomfortable ideas made me question whether the ideas of The American Dream and love, are also present in Australia. ...read more.

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