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The Importance of Stage Directions in "Oedipus" by Sophocles.

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IN WHAT WAYS IS STAGE DIRECTION IMPORTANT IN THE WORK OEDIOUS BY SOPHOCLES? like in every drama played on a stage, stage dierections have much to do with the presentation of oedipus the king.of all the Greek writers Sophocles is the most renowned one for tragedies. He is considered the best by Aristotle, and no doubt the definitons of Aristotelian tragedy is based on Sophocles? work. What is it so remarkable about Sophocles? apart from the other salient features of a tragedy, Sophocles? stage directions are very instrumemtal in giving Oedipus the name of one of the greatest tragedies in the Greek history of drama. Sophocles has made a number of innovations in his stage directions to make this play appear a great tragedy. ...read more.


This mask is an harbinger of his guilt and shame and the auduence can feel pity for his black deeds. The people feel pity and sympathy for the tragic hero, the fact that leads to catharsis. In one of his other incorporations, Sophoclesn adds a third actor to the stage. With this technique he has been able to reduce the role of the chorus in the greek tragedies. What is the significance of the third actor? In most greek tragedies the chorus had the responsibility of establishing the plot, theme and the mood on the stage. But here under the stage directions of sophocles?, the chorus plays the role of a narrator and a spectator. The stage directions of Sophocles make the chorus move along the stage, a feature never witnessed earlier in the greek tragedies. ...read more.


What is so important about the the innovative techniques of sophocles on the Greek stage. His direction is very conducive in showing that it is predetermination that is responsible for Oedipus? tragic fate. through this innovation Sophocles is able to show the interaction of man vs man, and not man vs god, as shown in the early Greek tragedies.. He shows that man is helpless before fate. the movement of the chorus from left to right , and vice versa shows that it is a vain battle to fight with one?s preordained fate. In short, it can be said that the stage directions employed by sophocles for his play make this play one of the pillar stones of greek tragedies. Through them, he revolutionised the greek theatre, and opened a new dimension for the playwrights to come after him. ...read more.

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