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The In-Between World of Vikram Lall. The extract revolves around the protagonist, Rabba and his younger sister, Deepa when they are attacked by six possible Muslim youths, and then saved by Mr.Bapu.

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Shivani Patel Literary Commentary Task Paper 1 DP Year 1 Language A: English Literature HL As time passes, our experiences turn into memories, where one "memory makes monkeys of our enemies" and another can give our friends "a tint of rose." This is the central thought in the memory piece from The In-Between World of Vikram Lall. The extract revolves around the protagonist, Rabba and his younger sister, Deepa when they are attacked by six possible Muslim youths, and then saved by Mr.Bapu. Rabba was targeted for his race and religion and the bitter memories remain with him as a souvenir. Parallel to these memories of unnecessary cruelty and violence, the memory of Mr.Bapu transcends by conveying the ideas of acceptance and compassion. Rabba begins by giving a thorough recount of a particularly cruel event in the narrator's life, and the exaggeration is evident through the harsh and dehumanizing description of the attackers - this negativity on the part of the narrator is spawned by the fear these attackers created within him and his sister. ...read more.


The following attack if illuminated with terror, but also described in minute detail, exploring even the tightness of the trousers of the "demons." Minute detail is surprising of the memory, and in this case projects and magnifies the fear that overtook the victims. The narrator later confides that the ordeal could have only been two or three minutes, yet it has imprinted his mind so clearly. A "local millionaire," who was Muslim and called by the name of "Mr.Bapu", unwittingly rescues the brother and sister. It is only after the rescue that the reader is revealed that the story is taking place in Africa as the narrator reminisces on the language of the obscenities spoken by the attackers, both Cutchi and Swahili that are of "Tanzanian specialty," suggesting that the sister and brother are in Africa. This is justified by the narrator's admittance of his crime, being a "Nairobi Punjabi Hindu, dating one of their girls," and his sister doing the same. ...read more.


The selfless act of kindness by Mr.Bapu proves that even amongst the dense racial tension there are still people who are willing to live together peacefully, putting aside all religious differences, as Mr.Bapu was also a Muslim. When "what awaited was only the kill" Mr.Bapu sends the attackers away to "scamper away into the dark like cockroaches" in his "white Mercedes." The "white Mercedes" becomes a symbol of hope. Although the attack barely lasted two to three minutes and nobody was physically injured, the memory became deeply engraved into the minds of Rabba and Deepa, and their "contempt for those nocturnal attackers had not waned a bit." It shows "how memory makes monkeys out of our enemies." Despite not seeing Mr.Bapu again, he too was deeply engraved in to the memories of Rabba and Deepa. He is the example of how memory "gives (our friends) a tint of rose, or it saves them in amber." "Mr.Bapu cut for Deepa a red rose." The rose becomes symbolic of the beauty of their friendship and how over time the generosity becomes "preserved in amber." ...read more.

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