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The Kite Runner- Baba and Amirs relationship evolution

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Sharon Erpicum 5C The kite runner: Baba and Amir's relationship evolution When Amir and Baba move to the States, their characters change a little bit. Consequently, their relationship changes too. They, now, live in a modest apartment. Baba works at a gas station, but apart from his job, Amir is the only thing he has. Amir becomes, therefore, the centre of Baba's life. This is what is very different from Afghanistan: over there, Baba was a busy and admired man in Kabul, and he didn't have much time to spend time with Amir. Even when they actually spent time together, they didn't really enjoy them because they didn't have the same centres of interest. ...read more.


General Taheri accepts. This event got Baba and Amir closer. A few months before Amir ask Baba to go ask General Taheri Soraya's hand, Baba was diagnosed with lung cancer but refused to receive any treatment. Amir told Baba that he didn't know what he was going to do and Baba replied that this is what he has been trying to teach him this all his life. He was teaching Amir to be a man. For Amir, it is clear for the first time that this is why Baba has always treated him the way he has. He was preparing Amir of taking care of him and to differentiate the right from the wrong. ...read more.


Negatively because the move to America is very difficult for Baba and he suffers from this but moving to America was his last gift for Amir. He wanted to give his son the opportunity to do something good with his life. Positively because Amir and him have now the relationship he wished hey always had. They are very close and Amir he becoming responsible of himself. Before Baba dies, I think he felts that he had fulfilled his duty. His responsibility was to learn to Amir to become a man who can stand up for him and for others. We can see Baba has succeeded in making Amir a great man later in the novel when he goes to find Hassan's son. He is doing exactly what his father would have done. ...read more.

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