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The Kite Runner. Write a First Person Narrative From the Point of View of Hassan Just After Ali and Hassan Leave Baba's Employment.

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Write a First Person Narrative From the Point of View of Hassan Just After Ali and Hassan Leave Baba's Employment. In This Narrative, Hassan Focuses on his Bewilderment at Amir's Behaviour Towards Him I don't know what I did wrong. I asked Amir agha, but he said I hadn't done anything. I would have stopped doing it, then maybe father and I wouldn't have had to leave. Before the kite tournament, Amir was my best friend, and we would always play together, but then he didn't want me around any more. There was nothing I could do to rekindle our relationship, Amir agha wouldn't let me. The last time I was properly with him, I really thought things might return to normal. We spoke like we used to; he told me about school and the teachers, but then he turned nasty. ...read more.


If feels as though I have lost my brother, as well as my best friend. There is nothing I would not do for him. I would eat dirt, if he asked me. We had planned to be friends forever, Amir agha and me. He'd even promised me he would buy me a television one day, and I would have kept it on the side where I keep all of my drawings. But that is no longer my home. My father plans for us to go and live with his cousin in Hazarajat. I am unsure as to what will happen to us then. Hopefully we will find a new master who is as kind as Baba sahib, although I am doubtful of that. ...read more.


I know how much it meant to him, and I knew he wanted Baba to be proud of him, so I did everything I could to get him that kite. So why does he hate me? I don't think he saw what Assef did. If he did, surely he would have stopped them. I would have, had the situation been different. But since then, since I handed over the kite to him, he couldn't look me in the eyes. And now this. I feel betrayed by him, but if I knew what his reason was for it, then I am sure it would have been justifiable. I will always hope for a time where he forgives me for whatever it is I have done, and we can be brothers once more. The Sultans of Kabul, again. Until then, I will wait for him, and pray that he is safe. ...read more.

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