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The Lumber Room - Analysis and interpretation. The Lumber Room is a short story written by Hector Hugh Munro, also known as Saki. He is widely acclaimed for his short stories and is known for featuring children in his stories.

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The Lumber Room - Analysis and interpretation The Lumber Room is a short story written by Hector Hugh Munro, also known as "Saki". He is widely acclaimed for his short stories and is known for featuring children in his stories. Saki has a very interesting way of writing. He makes the story come alive and you feel like you get to know the characters when you read it. But even though it is interesting reading, he also has a point with "The Lumber Room" which I will get closer to throughout this essay. The main character of this short story is a young boy named Nicholas. He lives in something I would call an orphanage, because of the fact that he lives with a lot of other children and they have to call the adult woman who runs the place, "Aunt". Nicholas does not like being there. He is one of those children who wants to do whatever he pleases. And he has no problems disobeying the adults. For example at breakfast, he tells them that there is a frog in his Bread-and-milk. ...read more.


But the gooseberry garden was like a paradise for the children. And that was the only place they wanted to be. Except for Nicholas. He had other plans, other ideas and other dreams. There were only Nicholas, the aunt and the household left. And the aunt was certain on the fact that Nicholas would try to sneak in through one of the two doors into the gooseberry garden. So she was gardening from a place where she could see both entrances. And Nicholas kept walking towards the doors just to see if she thought he would try anything. He did it a few times and his suspicions were confirmed. He then went inside, where he crawled up a chair and took a big key from one of the top shelves. He knew what it would open. The Lumber Room. But he wasn't stupid. He wasn't used to opening doors with keys, so he had tried it before on some of the other doors. And he was now prepared. He didn't know what was hiding behind the door, but he knew that none of the other children had ever been in there, and that he would be the first. ...read more.


At first he ignores her, as he always does, but when her shouts starts to sound more and more like screams, he locks the door to the lumber room and puts the key back in its place. When he comes out of the building he sees his "aunt" had fallen in to a huge tank. She had slipped and could not get up. She asked him for help, but Nicholas was smarter than that. She told him to go and fetch the ladder from the gooseberry garden, but Nicholas' answer was: "I was told not to go into the gooseberry garden". His "aunt" got mad and told him to do it anyway, but Nicholas wouldn't give in: "Your voice doesn't sound like "aunt's". You may be the evil one tempting me to be disobedient. Aunt often tells me that the evil one tempts me and I always yield. This time I'm not going to yield." His "aunt" gets angrier for every word he says, but in an odd way, she can't yell at him. He is using his "aunts" own words against herself and he is proud of himself. He knows what he is doing and in the end, he wins. ?? ?? ?? ?? The Lumber Room Engelsk essay Christina Ladekarl 3.f. ...read more.

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