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The Main Themes of Honor and Respect, Societys Point of View and Womens Role in relation with the relationship of Angela and Bayardo

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IB English A1 Higher Level Detailed Study The Main Themes of Honor and Respect, Society's Point of View and Women's Role in relation with the relationship of Angela and Bayardo Yakir Starosta Candidate # D 0984-023 The American International School of Bucharest Mr. R Lamirand April 14, 2009. Word Count: 1236 In this novel, Marquez uses many literary devices in order to develop main themes that are being portrayed throughout the plot. The tumultuous relationship between Bayardo and Angela is expressive of the role of women in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and while it is greatly affected by their fear of the society's opinion, it defines honor and respect, two motifs constantly visible in the novel. Bayardo's objectifying treatment of Angela is a clear portrayal of a woman's role in that Caribbean society. Women's roles are one of the major themes in the novel. The community in which the story takes place is a male dominant community so it is not surprising that women in the society have specific and no significant roles. This is actually a paradox as woman through reproducing create and provide men as well as the women satisfying their sexual needs. ...read more.


The society's point of view has an immense effect upon the development of the relationship of the two characters, being the cause of all the significant changes in it. Bayard felt really dishonored because Angela lost her virginity to someone else before getting married to him and he did not want the society to feel bad for him. The society was really hypocritical as they judged everyone really harshly, especially Angela because of the incident that happened to her even though according to them, everything is a matter of faith and religion. The society affected Angela as she didn't only think of virginity as being only religious but it was also a matter of the society's norms. The society viewed Bayardo as a person with a lot of respect that has a good heart, is wealthy and comes from a good family and because of that, he couldn't just leave aside and let go to the fact that Angela is not a virgin. He had to prove to everyone that he will still keep his respect so he decided to break up with her because of the society's point of view of him. After he left the town, Angela wrote letters to him for years, se also got hit by her mother for losing her virginity before marriage and yet, the society still viewed him as a victim because they cancelled the marriage. ...read more.


They think that letting the brothers kill Santiago is a sensible revenge for such a terrible crime which point out how terrible I was to have sex with a woman that did not get married yet, it disabled her chances to marry a proper man whiles marriage is very important in a life of a woman in order to achieve a lot of things in this world. Even though Angela lost her virginity and her honor, her brothers still went to jail which shows how much they had to pay off and risk their lives in order to get back the honor and the respect that her family deserved. Marquez focuses mainly on the relationship between Angela and Bayardo in his novel 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold'. They're relationship has been affected because Angela list her virginity to another man before getting married to Bayardo. This was taken really seriously because of the role of women in the Colombian culture as they are not allowed to have sex before marriage. The society's point of view of the two had an effect on the development of the relationship between them and caused a lot of changes in it as Bayrdo wanted to have respect from the society and keep his status in the society and Angela's brother tried to get their sisters honor back. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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