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The Major Themes in "Of Mice and Men".

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Conflicts Man Vs Society Lennie had a problem with self control. He couldn't control his actions and his fetish with soft things got him into serious trouble. When George and Lennie were in Weed ,Lennie was accused of rape.Lennie,because of his love of touching sof things,did not let go of a girl's dress.Lennie and George were chased out of Weed. George had to constantly get him out of trouble. They had to travel from town to town because of Lennie's compulsive behavior (41) Lennie also got in trouble with Curley's wife. He was touching her hair and she told him to stop because she was getting mad, and he got really nervous. He accidentally broke her neck and killed her because he didn't know his own strength (91) (Physical conflict). When Curley and the other ranch hands found Curley's wife dead, they soon came to the conclusion that Lennie was at fault. They set out to kill him. This put George in a bad situation because he had to make the most important decision in his life (104) (Moral Conflict ). Man Vs Himself George was responsible for Lennie's well being and was supposed to look out for him. George could easily get Lennie out of trouble by getting him away from the problem.After Lennie killed Curley's wife, George realized he couldn't get Lennie out of this (91) ...read more.


Each of the characters lends another support during the hardships faced throughout the story. The difficulties that the characters face, for example, the abuse that Lenny takes from Curly, the death of Candy's dog, the plight of the Negro farm hand, Crooks, are made less tragic at different points in the book because of the friendship that they feel for one another. A kind word and a sympathetic ear go a long way to help these downtrodden characters to face their difficulties. The Predatory Nature of Human Existence George, Lennie, Candy, Crooks, and Curley's wife, admit, at one time or another, to having a profound sense of loneliness and isolation. Each desires the comfort of a friend, but will settle for a stranger. Curley's wife admits to Candy, Crooks, and Lennie that she is unhappily married (89), and Crooks tells Lennie that life is no good without a companion to turn to in times of confusion and need. The characters are rendered helpless by their isolation, and yet, even at their weakest, they seek to destroy those who are even weaker than they. Perhaps the most powerful example of this cruel tendency is when Crooks criticizes Lennie's dream of the farm and his dependence on George. Having just admitted his own vulnerabilities-he is a black man with a crooked back who longs for companionship-Crooks zeroes in on Lennie's own weaknesses (71) ...read more.


'tart',looloo etc (51).The novel speaks about prostitution casually.The book should not be censored or banned.The book was written for the common people and it depicts the life of migrant workers.The book connects with its readers through these little details.If these details were banned,the book would not have such an adverse affect on its readers. 5.This novella is set in California in the 1930's.This was the time of the Great Depression.The story could not have taken place elsewhere or in any other time period.The theme of the American Dream would not have been so important in another time period.The characters relate to the men during the Great Depression.In both cases people dreamed of a better life.The emotions of the characters would not have come through in any other setting (14). 6.Of Mice and Men derogatorily assigns women only two lowly functions: caretakers of men, and sex objects (52). Female sexuality is described as a trap laid to ensnare and ruin men. George and Lennie imagine themselves alone, without wives or women to complicate their vision of tending the land and raising rabbits.the novel presents women as a temptation leading to man's fall from perfection. 7.The novel ends with George shooting Lennie.This was unexpected because this time George did not save Lennie this time.They did not runaway from their mistakes.This time George took Lennies life instead of saving it (105). ...read more.

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