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The Metamorphosis. Through Gregor, Kafka presents a totally tragic view of man's existence.

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Gogean 1 Oana Gogean ENG 201-921/ Essay #3 Prof. Chu 1 October, 2012 Beyond a Lucid Dream The meaning of life is found through free will, choice, and personal responsibility. One individual and that individual alone, is the one who determines his final destiny. He has the power to alter his essence of nature as a whole and make choices based on his own instinct. This is quite similar to the message Kafka was trying to portray in his story. In Franz Kafka?s ?The Metamorphosis?, the transformation of the story?s protagonist, Gregor- from a man to one of the most repellent insects, a cockroach, may seem exaggerated, intensifying over the course of the story as the author?s intention is to expose and explore the collapse of justice and mercy, even among those people who are expected to be most fair and compassionate. One key idea is that there are things in life that aren?t rational. ...read more.


When he becomes an insect, his father wants nothing to do with him; his usefulness is now past. With no patience for or understanding of the metamorphosis, Mr. Samsa pokes Gregor with a walking stick, drives him into his room, and locks the door. Later, he blames Gregor for making his wife faint and throws apples at him, wounding him seriously. He then is totally unconcerned that the insect has an apple imbedded in his back, causing it to fester. When Mr. Samsa learns that Gregor has died, he feels greatly relieved and offers a prayer of thanksgiving that the pain is over. The father-son antagonism is presented by the converted positions in the family: Gregor was the provider and his father, with the rest of the family were the children. When the protagonist becomes a bug, the father gains more power, because he has been saving money. ...read more.


But as he devolves and realizes he doesn?t need these items, and as his family realizes it, they are removed, essentially removing pieces of Gregor from the room, and from their memories. The major theme used by Kafka in maintaining the suspension of disbelief present in our story is the modern man's sense of isolation, Driven to work long hours in meaningless jobs around people who do not care about others, just like Gregor, mankind seems to live a meaningless and ineffectual existence. Although the main character?s metamorphosis is actual and physical, Kafka implies through his change that all too often mankind is forced into an insect-like existence, no better than the bugs at the bottom of the natural order. When mankind tries to rise above their insect status and connect with humanity, as the protagonistdid when he emerged from his room to see his sister and listen to the violin, they are cruelly driven back into isolation and alienation. Through Gregor, Kafka presents a totally tragic view of man's existence. ...read more.

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