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The Monkeys Paw by W.W Jacobs and the Tell Tale Heart written by Edgar Allan Poe are two gothic short stories written in the early 20th century.

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"The Monkeys Paw" by W.W Jacobs and the "Tell Tale Heart" written by Edgar Allan Poe are two gothic short stories written in the early 20th century. Edgar Allan Poe was a famous author of horror novels, short stories, poems, essays and plays, which could be the reason behind "The Tell-Tale Heart" having death and gothic as a theme. W.W Jacobs was also a writer of a similar genre which is one of the reason behind, why many of his writings have deep meanings. "The Tell Tale Heart" was written during the Victorian era and is based upon the themes of Gothic Horror. He unravels the story `of a caretaker who has an obsession of getting rid of an old man's eye whom he cared for. Whereas "The Monkey's paw" is about a distant friend who has possession of a cursed shriveled monkey's paw that grants three wishes to each man that obtains it. One of the most well known techniques used in the "Tell Tale Heart" to create tension and suspense is the use of varied punctuation such as exclamation marks 'TRUE!' ...read more.


Another technique which creates suspense is isolation "...out-of-the-way..." This will create a sense of loneliness and vulnerability, but moreover we start to imagine things which aren't there thus creating a terrifying atmosphere. Jacobs also uses the technique of withholding information from the reader, "But I warn you of the consequences" This engages the reader into thinking what may happen next, as it usually foreshadows a negative outcome. As the story unfolds, Jacobs provides hints that, indeed, the Monkey's paw does posses some strange powers, and that temptation to make three wishes is a grave mistake. We begin to acknowledge more about the Monkey's Paw, from Mr. White's facial expressions," brow cold with sweat" shows us his fear has lead him to the point of sweating proving that he is afraid of the wishes he made. "Caught his breathe" when ordered to find the paw, suggesting to us he was scared and dreaded the moment. The description of the character's physical actions is very useful, as it depicts the emotions and thoughts of a character to an extent that dialogue cannot. We know that Monkey's Paw is not something that's good to use. "Mr. ...read more.


I don't know," builds up suspense as therefore creates a rapid pace. The constant use of repetition in both stories leaves the reader waiting and entices them further. In contrast, both of the stories successfully create suspense and tension through the use of various language techniques such as: withholding information, pathetic fallacy, repetition, capital letters, short sentences and many more. In my opinion the most effective technique which creates suspense and tension is the use of repetition, "I'm not mad, I'm not mad." This makes the audience feel awkward and want to feel sympathetic to the narrator. Moreover, the use of 1st person, gives the audience a feeling of duty and tension as it's almost as if it is directed at them. Perhaps it could be argued that Edgar Allan Poe creates more suspense in the "The Tell Tale Heart" as he uses language techniques more effectively within the whole of the narrative to create a deeper impact. The reader gradually feels the suspense and tension build up as he reads through the narrative, due to emotive language and hyperboles. ?? ?? ?? ?? How is Suspense and Tension created within the Monkey's Paw and the Tell Tale Heart? ...read more.

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