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The novel Mississippi Trial 1955, by Chris Crowe is based on a true story of racism and terror. A fourteen years old black young men is brutally murdered by three white men.

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Frazillio 1 Pedro Frazillio Professor Meek English Comp II MWF 10:00 2/14/2011 The Terror of Racism Racism is one of the major problems in the world and it is not recent. Cases of racism have happened since many years ago. The African slaves were not just slaves, but were also a target of the racism because the most of them, if not all of them, were black. Other cases involving racism happen all the time in each part of the world. In Brazil, a 18 year old boy went in the soccer stadium to watch his favorite team, but he was killed just because he was black. The novel Mississippi Trial 1955, by Chris Crowe is based on a true story of racism and terror. A fourteen years old black young men is brutally murdered by three white men. The reason: his color. One of these three white men the killed that boy in the novel says "God made Negroes to work the land" (8). Will the racism end some day? Racism started a very long time ago. In the first contact between Portugal and Africa, in the fifteenth century, they did not have any racial fights. ...read more.


"Givin our lunch to a nigger? You must be as crazy as your pa is. I'd just as soon throw our food to the fish as see it go to waste on this trash" (90).Emmett boy is just hungry "I didn't mean nothing. My friend here is sharing his lunch, and -"(91). The racism is evident and worse then originally thought. ""Carp, you coloreds love Carp." He stuck his blade into the tail end of the fish and cut up to its head, letting the blood drip onto Emmett's chest and face, He gagged and yelled for help, but R.C. held him" (92). Cases of racism do not happen just in the United States. Racism is a world issue. Racist actions happen in soccer games in Italy. The fans go to the stadium dressing in monkey clothes or with bananas to throw at the black players on the field. Frazillio 3 The world can have a little hope that the racism will be over some day and somehow. No-racist campaigns and groups around the world exist, maybe trying show to racist people they are wrong about judging people they do not know just because they are black. ...read more.


In Mississippi Trial 1955 , by Chris Crowe , the black kid Emmett gets killed by three white men and this case goes , to trial. After all witness talk it, is completely clear for everyone in the court that these three men are guilty, but maybe not for the jury. "He cleared his throat and read from a paper he held. "We find the defendants not guilty"" (191). Frazillio 4 Most of racism cases that go to the justice, end up inside a draw, with no resolution. It depends if the judge is corrupt or not, depends if the judge is racist or not, and that is the reason it is so hard to solve some racism problems or cases. Maybe the racism is an issue that will never be solve. Maybe not until people stop acting without thinking. Maybe if people start acting exactly like a child. Children's do not judge because of color and they are always honest, does not matter what. The future of the world is the children's , until parents , grandparents and family still teaching kids that the black is worse than the white , or the inverse , the racism in world will never end. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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