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The poem After Apple Picking by Robert Frost is a highly Romantic poem which consists of many key characteristics associated with the Romantic period of literature.

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Robert Frost - Romanticism - After Apple Picking Analyse one of Frost's poems in detail. How does this particular poem conform to the idea that Frost is a poet in the Romantic tradition? The poem "After Apple Picking" by Robert Frost is a highly Romantic poem which consists of many key characteristics associated with the Romantic period of literature. Within Apple Picking, Frost conveys his messages through an emphasis on using nature to create a source of the meaning in life. Frost also places an emphasis on feelings and senses, praise of the common people and the pastoral lifestyle, as well as a number of others. ...read more.


This is further emphasized in the critique "empty barrels" whereby the critic accentuates that Frost's empty barrels are a representation of his regret at having not fulfilled all of his potential. This quote is reinforced by the use of first person narration because it creates a reflective and genuine tone. Frost also alludes to winter throughout the poem. Frost makes reference to a "woodchuck" which is a rodent that hibernates in winter. Thus, due to the emphasis placed on the meaning of life through nature, "After Apple Picking" is certainly a Romantic poem. Secondly, Frost alludes to biblical references to incorporate the meaning of life to his poetry. ...read more.


Robert Frost covers this by incorporating sensory language in After Apple Picking. Robert Frost alludes to sight (russet), sound (rumbling) and smell (scent of apples) as well as letting the audience in on how he feels "The scent of apples I am drowsing off" and "I feel the ladder sway as the boughs bend" Robert Frost ends the poem with a rather ambiguous ending. "Long sleep, as I described its coming on, Or just some human sleep" Sleep meaning either rest of death. There is a sense of futility as he either resigns himself to an incomplete life with failures or does he make sense of his journey and reflects on the things he has managed to achieve. Thus, it is evident that Robert Frost conforms to the Romantic tradition in the poem After Apple Picking. ...read more.

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