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The poem Truth at dawn written by Kevin Ireland is about a person who wakes up every morning at six with an old sickness in his brain

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Truth At Dawn ________________ The poem Truth at dawn written by Kevin Ireland is about a person who wakes up every morning at six with an old sickness in his brain. The old sickness is that he is bored about his whole life and always working and losing his energy every day. Every day he will be in a hurry for work reading the paper fast and throttling his paper after he read in a hurry. He always worked so hard in the day. The protagonist was shown to be trading his time for nothing but boredom and tiredness. After his work, he will be literally crawling home as his feet, as there was no energy left in them to walk briskly. As per my perception the protagonist is left with no energy that, he is just shuffling his feet to get back home. The protagonist was everyday facing defeat and he has never felt how?s victory is like. Now after the whole day of exhaustion he would creep into his bed and try to get some sleep. Then in his dream he would think himself of a great hero and portray himself that he was royal blood and he would be fighting wars. ...read more.


Then the instance is that he was racing towards the high raised building very fast where he works everyday over there. In the third stanza it is said that he used to toil hard day and night for his work but in the end the he was back to square one. He did not realise that he was actually trading his time that is working for his office and the never returned the favour to him. The whole day of working has actually abandoned him with no energy that he had to literally crawl to his home. The essential idea here is that people in this world are actually wasting their time by working and toiling day and night without sleep, the end result is that the person is left out without any energy that he has to literally crawl to his home. The poet is not speaking of only personified character he is actually meaning everybody in this world. Yes it is actually possible to generalise his life from this. In the fourth stanza it is said that the protagonist?s steps actually got slower and slower that he is losing more and more energy. ...read more.


In the eighth and the last stanza it is said that after waking is when the protagonist find himself in the same old rugged clothes and the place he went sleep the day before. Then in the bathroom he would find that old and the same tired face again. Then the line ?reciting the same cold mantra? means that he would repeat the same things he did the previous day. Conclusion ________________ To summarise, Kevin Ireland wrote the poem in small stanza to get his ideas and to express his points clearly to the readers. He also included conflicts between the first two lines of every two stanza. The way he used his language made the readers to indulge themselves into the situations the poet was writing about. The tone through the poem was also not constant as we can see that in the first three stanza the tone was rather more rushing and the next three stanzas were very slow or rather very sloppy to hear. This poem tells us about the life of the adult and how stressful their lives are. It also tells us about the aftermath of the day of a working adult. The poem also showcases the dream of an adult since all dream are not fulfilled they have to see their same old faces every day in the bathroom mirror. ...read more.

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