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The stories, The Orphaned Swimming Pool and That Brute Simmons, both explore the theme of family relation. Even though they differ greatly in style and mood they both give us a picture of the different problems a family may experience and their p

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FAMILY RELATIONS (based on the stories "The Orphaned Swimming Pool" and "That Brute Simmons") The stories, The Orphaned Swimming Pool" and "That Brute Simmons", both explore the theme of family relation. Even though they differ greatly in style and mood they both give us a picture of the different problems a family may experience and their possible outcome. "The Orphaned Swimming Pool," is the Story about the break-up of a marriage. The protagonists Ted and Linda Turner are a young and happily married couple. They live in their own house with their own backyard pool. They host block parties, go for midnight swims together and invite everyone they know over for lemonade and cookies. There, under the scrutiny of neighbours' eyes, they seemed to live happily. ...read more.


The covering of the pool is symbolic of society and its nature to "cover" anything that is out of the ordinary or taboo, such as the Turner's divorce. The story "That Brute Simmons" as well tells us about a marriage. The protagonists of the story, Mr. and Mrs. Simmons are believed to be a very happy couple: other women had all along regarded Mr. Simmons as a model husband, and certainly Mrs. Simmons was a most conscientious wife. The house was held spotlessly and besides that she was a wonderful manager. Every penny of Tommy's thirty-six or thirty-eight shillings a week was bestowed to the greatest advantage. In the beginning she had always escorted him to the ready-made clothes shop, and had selected and paid for his clothes, for the reason that men are such perfect fools, and shopkeepers do as they like with them. ...read more.


But one day when Mrs. Simmons left the house for some small shopping a man appeared on their door step who turns out to be her former husband previously declared dead. He tells Mr. Simmons he will leave them if only Mr. Simmons pays him 5 quid. Mr. Simmons disagrees and says he'd better leave Mr. Ford to live happily with Mrs. Simmons. So they bet until Mrs. Simmons return and both run away. This story teaches us that too much care, devotion and even tyranny can spoil the marriage even worse than total neglect. For Mrs. Simmons being so domineering it is only because Mr. Simmons being submissive and not being able to confront her their marriage last that long. In both the stories we see that a family may experience different kind of problems even if from the outside it may look just perfect. And that too much effort can spoil even a perfect marriage. ...read more.

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