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The supremacy of fright in The Tiger by S. Rajaratnam.

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Harsh Patel Mrs. Colwell ENG 2D8 February 20, 2012 The Supremacy of Fright Fear conquers the way a person thinks by manipulating their mind to act differently and carry out sudden decisions without giving the idea a second thought. This is shown in the story, ?The Tiger? by S. Rajaratnam through two different perspectives from Fatima, a last stage-pregnant lady, and the villagers in her town. Fatima remains calm at an immediate sight of a tiger, but on the other hand, the villagers are restless to rid the tiger without understanding the situation. Afterwards, when Fatima is out of possible danger she feels sympathetic for the tiger as she sees the tiger is no threat to the village whereas the villagers become violent and decide to kill the tiger. Rajaratnam demonstrates how Fatima?s connection with the tiger influences her to view and react to the situation differently than the villagers. Therefore, if one takes time to analyze the situation in which fear is present, an individual can react in a more responsible manner. Fatima controls her fear at the immediate sight of the tiger in a level headed manner whereas the villager?s reactions are more impulsive. ...read more.


He was all for hunting the tiger at once, simply because he loved hunting.?(3) Mamood is all for killing the tiger at once, he does not care what other people think because his intense passion for hunting kicks in, showing how impulsive his reaction is towards this situation. As frightened as Fatima is from the tiger, she maintains her fear with a sensible approach and gradually understands the tiger before making a decision, whereas the villagers are restless and in haste to rid the beast that is allegedly threatening their lives. On the whole, Fatima is sensible, calm and takes the liberty to study her situation at the presence of sudden fear where on the other hand, the villagers show an impulsive reaction as there are totally under pressure in fearful state. Fatima is compassionate and sympathetic towards the tiger after she is out of danger, whereas the villagers are aggressive to the possible threat of a tiger and behave in an irrational manner. Firstly, Fatima watches as Mamood and the men walk towards the forest to hunt the tiger. Fatima disapproves with the villagers to attack the tiger, in fact ?she was averse to having the tiger hunted and killed.?(2) ...read more.


Fatima was against the idea of killing the tiger as she had sympathy for it, on the contrary the villagers are aggressive enough to kill the beast instead of protecting themselves from it, which shows no possible threat. Overall, Fatima experiences a connection with the tiger which leads her to feel compassionate towards the tiger unlike the villagers who find a need to become violent as they didn?t take the time to analyze the situation for a more rational solution. In conclusion, if one takes the time to review and balance the pros versus cons of the situation at the presence of fear, a more reasonable outcome is able to take place which does not include violence. Rajaratnam does a well job to show the different views of 2 opposite reaction to fear, on one hand there is Fatima who stays level headed at the immediate sight of a tiger and on the other hand there are the villagers who exaggerate the fear and are shown to be impulsive. Also, Fatima demonstrates sympathy and compassion for the tiger as she realizes it means no harm whereas the villagers show violence and aggressiveness towards the tiger as they believe it is their best option to safety. Therefore, fear is able to influence and control one?s wisdom by compelling them to undoubtedly carry out sudden decisions. ...read more.

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