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The texts Abduction by Delaney and Adlers Psychoanalytical Ideas on Development by Wehr. The two stories each represent different genres with different languages and ways of explaining cases and ideas.

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Abduction What makes you turn out the way you do? What are the factors that are deciding a person's life? We have for some time known about the genetics role in life - you can say they are the foundation of how a person is going to turn out. However, genetics aren't the only thing that shapes a person as he or she grows up - because as I said before genetics are only the bottom of the cake and we need the top to have a finished cake - another thing is upbringing, how a person is raised. This is the subject in the short story "abduction". Abduction is about the relationship between three siblings; the main character Ann, her younger brother and her older sibling whose gender we don't know. The story begins in medias res with "I wanted to do her in" which gives the reader an impression of Ann, who is the main character, about whom this is said. The narrator, who is Ann's older sibling, gives a bad impression of Ann. ...read more.


Furthermore he now lacks structure. Besides that Ann gives him a lot of money and at the same time removes limits from his life that he needs "when he overspent it she happily made up for the shortfall". When her brother finished college Ann gets him a job. Once more the reader can see the theme "money vs. love" ass Ann gives him clothes - he doesn't like all these posh gifts. Ann replaces love with money and the brothers reaction with this is shown as "dumped the briefcase in a skip outside somebody's house [..] going back to the beat-up old Nike sports bag he's brought from home" - this shows that the rather wants the old beloved sports bag than the new shiny briefcase. But Ann doesn't let go here. When her brother wants to find his own apartment Ann seems bossy about it. At the time her brother moves in with his girlfriend and she becomes pregnant Ann still tries to decide over him. Ann acts like the woman in "Women in love" "she wanted to have, to own, to control, to be dominant" Although Ann is like this toward her brother the situation seems to be the same and Ann's brother is like Brian. ...read more.


Non-fiction is a genre where you have to document your statements with facts from real life, which Adler does well. On the other hand we have fiction, which is a genre were you are free to say and write what you want, because it doesn't have to be real. Even though non-fiction and fiction differs a lot from each other they can still say something true about the same subject. "Being the oldest they were able to wield power over siblings through overt power and dominance" Ann takes her little brother with her to London. She already has a plan for him and her brother doesn't fight her plan because he just wants to satisfy her. In the text "abduction" it says that her little brother "by the time he was sixteen had plenty of experience in the field of sex, drugs, smoking and drinking". Even though her brother had wider scopes than Ann, she still acts as a mother to him, she possesses more responsible than him. You can say that "Abduction" is an imaginary example of what Alfred Adler had observed. The non-fiction tells us something about the whole while fiction defines it with and example. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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