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The Theme of Religion. Throughout the story of The Kite Runner, we engage and have an inside view of the Afghani culture.

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Religion Throughout the story of "The Kite Runner", we engage and have an inside view of the Afghani culture. We learn how the people in the Afghani society deal with everyday responsibilities and their own aspect of life. In this novel, I find that religion has a great impact in an individual persons life in the Afghani culture. The Muslim culture that the characters live by has great importance on their actions and internal emotions. As like every religion, not everyone is in tuned and near to their faith. In the novel, we find two different types of people, the Afghans that are religious and the ones that are still on the fence or unsure on what or who they believe in. In the text, Ali and Hassan are the perfect example of strong religious family, where on the other side of the yard we find Baba and Amir, who doesn't this God has great importance in there life, and you find most of the struggle and damage in there family. We find the division between religions between the two social types. ...read more.


This is how people, like some sort of monster, treated Ali but he always kept the same face and walked by. In this situation it takes a real man not to say anything, a man who understands how life is and religion is a big part of their life. If I would imagine Baba or Amir in this situation, the emotions will get to them. Baba would probably reprimand the people and Amir would be to weak and not defend himself and cry and show weakness. You find much insecurity in Amir throughout the story, he is not as religious as Hassan and wonders why you have to be, Amir struggles with searching for love he desperately needs from his father and in need of who his own identity is. Amir talks about when Mullah Khan came to his class and talked about Islam, Amir being a Sunni he has not had much experience with religion because Baba really isn't the religious type. We find out that Baba kind of has his own philosophy of how the world is through his own experiences. ...read more.


He walks past a mosque, maybe this was a sign too Amir that he ignores once again. Remembering that Hassan has missed a prayer because he wanted to help Amir get the kite. Amir's selfishness caused his friends rape and maybe Hassan downfall in his beliefs. Hassan could of stop being so religious because something that is so sacred to him and was taken away from him by a person that doesn't even appreciate him. In conclusion, religion is a big part of how a person life is affected. Either in a positive or negative way. Religion gives us morals and understanding of what's good and wrong and if we have a lack of morals then how do we know how to control what happens to us emotionally and spiritually. Ali and Hassan, even though they didn't have much, they were token care of and saw life as an opportunity to make a difference. Where the lack of religion to Amir brought insecurities and jealousy towards friends and loved ones. While Baba also lacked love and understanding towards his one and only son. ...read more.

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