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The Thief and the Dog

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The primary concern of this novel is the depiction and exploration of Said Mahran's internal world. He is the center of the novel's development, and he is under continuous pressure from two forces of adverse nature. On one hand, there is a repelling harmful force characterized by Ilish, Nabawiyya, and Rauf Alwan. This is counterbalanced by a positive force represented by Sheikh Ali al-Junaydi and Nur. The feeling of betrayal Said had which resulted in blaming others createda whole lot of confusion.The confusion is due to the misunderstading of Said, Nabawiyya, Ilish and Rauf. When said comes out of prison, he finds that his wife has betrayed him and left him for another man. That was not the case. Rauf has spent for years in prison and Nabawiyya cant raise the baby alone and cant wait for 4 years until Sana grows. ...read more.


he saw that Rauf wasnt the same, Said thought that Rauf betrayed him.Said reaches the state of confusion when he finds out about the people that betrayed him. At first, when he gets out of jail, and finds out what his wife and old mentor did to him, he tried to act quickly and dangerously. Without thinking and just getting out of jail he said that "Nabawiyya. Ilish. Your two names merge in my mind. For years you will have been thining about this day, never imagining, all the while, that the gates would ever actually open. You'll be watching now but I wont fall into the trap. At the right moment, instead, ill strike Fate"( Mahfouz 151). " ill strike Fate" is the key term in this quote. When Said gets out of jail, he thinks that he is right and that Ilish, Nabawiyyah and Raul betrayed him. ...read more.


He wants to "kill" his traiters. In this case, Said is a traiter and should be killed. So these ideas about Said killing people is the right thing and blames "others" for killing. It all about the confusion with him and does not really know what to do. But again, he becomes more confused and says that "you migh perhaps be thinking you've got rid of me forever now, rauf! but with this revolver, if I have any luck, I can do wonderful things. With this revolver I can awake those who are asleep. They're the root of the trouble"(Mahfouz 213). Again, Said becomes more confused but sound really firm about his decision. He believes in killing Rauf as soon as possible. But i could predict that he will not accomplish this act. With all the confusion going around with him, it will result in insanity and anger. ...read more.

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