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The use of mothers in the lives of their daughters in the texts Chronicle of a Death Foretold and So Long a Letter.

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English A1: World Literature Assignment 1 Title: The use of mothers in the lives of their daughters in the texts "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" and "So Long a Letter." Supervisor: Mr. Mangala. Wordcount: 1,422 Name: Viraj Patel. Date: 16/10/08 Mothers have an essential role in the lives of their children and therefore have a huge impact on the way their children turn out as adults, and this is the reason we find mothers playing a very central role in realistic fiction texts such as Chronicle of a Death Foretold and So Long a Letter. Mothers tend to contribute significantly to the development of plot in the story and to certain events that change the course of the story in both the texts being analysed. Thus by looking at the mothers of different characters we also tend to get different ideas that the author was trying to put across to the readers. In both So Long a Letter and Chronicle of a Death Foretold similar scenarios regarding the choice of husbands is portrayed. Ramatoulaye's mother wanted her to marry Daouda Dieng while in Chronicle of a Death Foretold Pura Vicario wants Angela Vicario to get married to Bayardo San Roman. In both texts it seems that the suitors preferred by the mothers have good financial backgrounds and this tends to show that in both cultures portrayed in the texts wealth is of significant importance as compared to the happiness of the woman getting married. ...read more.


Marquez also creates this feeling of guilt in Angela Vicario, by her obsession of Bayardo once he leaves her, through the numerous letters she writes to Bayardo, her visions of Bayardo immediately she closes her eyes and becoming a virgin for Bayardo. Although the element of guilt is seen in both the characters the guilt of Ramatoulaye is justified due to Modou's betrayal to her, but Angela's guilt seems to be mysterious as Marquez does not seem to be giving a clear hint of why she started loving Bayardo all of a sudden. Some decisions that are made by mothers in the texts regarding their daughter's lives seem to be symbolizing the change that mothers would like a different life then the one they had. For instance Victoria Guzman in Chronicle of a Death Foretold does not want her daughter, Divina Flor, to go through the life she went through as a mistress who eventually ended up as servant of Ibrahim Nassar, Santiago's father. She does this by protecting her daughter from sexual advances by Santiago. Her desperation to do this is shown from her action of disembowelling the rabbits in front of Santiago. Marquez not only uses this action of Victoria as a way of discouraging Santiago from Divina, but uses this as a symbol of cleansing the society in that the bowels of the rabbit are the parts that cannot be consumed as they are unhealthy so they are removed, however the rabbit seems to be ...read more.


which is Modou's betrayal to Ramatoulaye by marrying a second wife, as she is the one who forces Binetou to marry Modou despite in order to receive a better life. However in both the texts after the climax is reached the mothers who helped create it are treated with lack of respect which is portrayed in a similar manner in both texts. In Chronicle of a Death Foretold Pura Vicario and her family is forced to leave her home and go to live in another town, in So Long a Letter Lady Mother in Law and Binetou are compelled to live their home as it has been bought by Daba, Ramatoulye's daughter. As we see a lot of influence exerted by mothers in different aspects of their daughters lives in both the texts, the authors seem to be giving us a reflection of how they hold their mothers in their respective culture, the authors also seem to be showing their personal reservations about maternal influences in their culture. The authors' use of maternal influences in their texts also contributes to making the book realistic, as it easily brings out the ideas regarding the social and cultural environment of the text in relation to how they shape the story the authors are trying to tell as mothers are close to the social and cultural environment within their society. Refrence: Chronicle of a death foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez So long a letter by Mariama Ba ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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