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The War and its Impacts on the Mentality of Soldiers in Stockings

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Submitted By: Timothy Kim Submitted To: Mr. C. Penney Date: Monday, Oct. 6th, 2008 English 10 IBDP The War and its Impacts on the Mentality of Soldiers in Stockings More than two million people were involved in the Vietnamese war and the amounts of casualties were enormous, due to the fact that the war itself has continued for 16 years straight. In today's society, the Vietnamese War is an inevitable part of our history to be remembered of and many writers put their feelings of the war into a short story, a novel or a film such as the movies, Rambo and Forrest Gump. They all depict one true nature of a war and that's the ability of the wars to change any soldier's mentality into a state of mind that can be described as craziness or insanity. The war in its entirety shows us the glory and the power but for each individual who has suffered a physical damage or mental disorder, all the wars of all sorts are just not worthwhile. If the soldiers ever return home, almost all the soldiers come back to their home with a completely different mindset and they all get nightmares about their horrifying memories that they have lived through. ...read more.


Whenever anyone has a purpose in their lives that they must accomplish, they tend to work the hardest amongst people and they have a better chance of accomplishment than a person who just does things for the sake of doing. Bakers, for example, might bake a poor cake if they are working for the sake of earning money but if they had a purpose or a goal in their mind such as serving a perfect food for their dearest lover, they will work really hard and it will result as a magnificent cake. Such is the case for soldiers when they have a set of mind to work for an accomplishment and Henry Dobbins' purpose to outlive his situation was depicted by the author as this: "a place where he might someday take his girlfriend to live."(O'Brien, P. 94) Henry Dobbins clearly had a happy vision that he wanted to accomplish, a purpose that drove him to outlive this horrendous moment of his life and survive the Vietnamese war to be embraced back home by his girlfriend. While he "tripped a Bouncing Betty"(O'Brien, P. 94) or "got caught in the open during a fierce little firefight,"(O'Brien, P.94) ...read more.


93) or he physically had a pantyhose of his girlfriend around his neck nor was it because there was a secret magic involved with his precious stockings. The entire story boils down to a simple conclusion, that Henry Dobbins could rid himself of all the bad influences with his none-sophisticated mind and his positive mentality, solely inside his brain. He survived because of his faith in superstition that changed him to become a mentally strong person, he could keep going because he had a purpose, a vision and a dream to accomplish when he was finished with the war and he was able to keep his mindset from becoming insane due to his positive, optimistic mind. It isn't just a theory that a happy and warm mind brings survival and success in even the most dangerous and unlikely situation. If everyone was like Henry Dobbins, there would be no reason for pain and suffering to exist in our world and everyone will have a profound motivation that helps them become a better person, a better soldier or any type of worker. Tim O'Brien was able to state all these motivational impacts upon the readers in a mere page and he was telling all of us to think more happily, have a great goal to accomplish and work hard for it just like Henry Dobbins. ...read more.

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