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The Wife of Bath: Character Analysis

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The Wife of Bath: Character Analysis In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Chaucer starts the prologue of each character that are going to a pilgrimage and one of them is The Wife of Bath. Chaucer makes the tale The Wife of Bath purposely stand out than the other tales. The Wife of Bath is more than about living. In the prologue, she tells to her fellow pilgrims the life of her marrying five previous men and she view the relationship of men and women. The Wife is known has the richest lady with expensive scarlet stockings that she wears and leather shoes as malleable and fresh. Chaucer describes The Wife in bodily with extensive hips, big bump and a hat that is a size of a vessel. Even though the story is lengthy, it teaches life lessons about our lives and how the ladies can take control over men. In both ?The Wife of Bath?s Prologue? and ?Tale,? The Wife explains marriage, honor, and most significantly the question of control. ...read more.


The Wife tells us,? Therefore I made my visits round about to vigils and processions of devout, to preaching too, and shrines of pilgrimage.? This tells the readers that she going to pilgrimages means that she is religious, but later on the prologue, the readers sees that she going to pilgrimages is not due to religion. She feels that every place that she goes must be seen. She is also a very self-confident woman who thinks highly of herself and her skills as a cloth maker. Later on the prologue, The Wife says,? But then I always had a young colt's tooth. Gap-toothed I was, and that became me well,? Chaucer ironically describes The Wife that she has a gap between her two front teeth?s and this symbolized that having a gap between the teeth, back in the fourteenth century, has a sensual nature. The Wife considers that experience is one the most ultimate power because she has been married to five her husbands for five times. ...read more.


The fifth husband or the last husband was totally different than the other four because he was an educated man and enjoys reading books every night. ?Because I tore out of his book a leaf, so that from this my ear is grown quite deaf?.to read, within this book of wicked wives.? This statement explains that there was a conflict between The Wife and the husband, where the husband read the book about ?wicked wives? which made The Wife frustrated and ripped the book into small pieces. This made the husband smack her face which caused her to be deaf. In conclusion, overall Chaucer summarizes The Wife of Bath stating, ?A wise wife, if she knows what's for her good, Will swear the crow is mad, and in this mood,? this tells us what a wise woman should do. This teaches woman how to place themselves in a position of control and greater power in a relationship. This statement directs that it?s better to make a man fall in love with you so that you can use his love to gain control or power over him. ...read more.

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