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Theme of Revenge in the Death and the Maiden

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Revenge After the incident, Paulina was left living in terror and fright for the fifteen years after. This is shown by her constant agitation throughout the play. For example, in the opening scene she seems very paranoid after she hears a car coming towards her house. 'Paulina hides the gun away. She stands behind the curtains." The incident has been keeping her in this state for fifteen years and this shows that she has been longing for revenge ever since. To prove this, she remembers the exact words that were promised by Gerado when he swore to get revenge on the men that raped her, if they find them. "Some day my love, were going to place these bastards in trial." ...read more.


She mentions the torture she went through several times in the novel by telling Gerado and also by imitating what they did to her. She does this by firstly making Roberto feel what she felt, and then imitating his voice and saying how he treated her. For example, she imitates Roberto's voice saying "You hungry?...I'll give you something big and filling so you can forget your hunger." She only shows how much she has suffered and does not harm Roberto though. This begins to make the reader question of her intentions. Before capturing him, she probably wished to give him physical and emotional damge to get revenge. But now that he is tied up helplessly in front of her, she realisies that although she definitely wants a feeling of revenge, both she and Gerado know that it will not ultimately allow her to move on. ...read more.


In the end, it seems that this was all that Paulina wanted. However, due to her knowing that nothing can save her in the end, even this remains uncertain. Gerado has an important and very influential job at the Governemnt Commission. Paulina knows this and also the purpose of it. It only deals with cases that end in death, and not cases such as Paulina's. She states how she feels about her husband's job. "...the Commission only deal with the dead, those who can't speak." This makes her feel betrayed at Gerado for not helping with her case. Also, during the period of her abduction, Gerado cheated on her several times. Paulina is very sensitive, especially after the incident and feels that Gerado acts against her. For this reason, she also tries to get revenge against Gerado by abducting Roberto. ...read more.

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