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Throughout the play Cyrano de Bergerac written by Edmond Rostand, the audience sees the importance of the main protagonists code of honor to the plot of the story.

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Williams Page | ________________ Rendol Williams Reflective Statement My understandings of the contextual and cultural considerations were further developed through the use of this interactive oral. In the French play Cyrano de Bergerac the protagonist Cyrano is faced with the monster challenge of confronting a woman who he believes to be beautiful in his eyes. There is a problem though that he finds to be major and thus judges himself on for the rest of the play, even up to his death. It was his big nose. Many elements of this story are hard for people in our day and age to understand, as times have changed and what was customary back then, can be different from what we think is right now. One element is the medium of communication between individuals. In this time the only fast way to send messages was by letter. In our days of technology we can easily send a message in a matter of seconds. Another element of the oral that helped with my understanding was how Christian and Cyrano were both vital parts in the wooing of Roxanne. Cyrano wrote the letters so this made him the emotional part of the relationship. Christian on the other hand was seen to be as the physical satisfaction of the relationship. As we can see neither of them were applicable as mates for Roxanne, but rather a person that took traits from both would be the perfect match. ...read more.


A man in our time can?t simply walk up to a woman and confess the love he feels for her. He must first find a venue for talking to her much like Cyrano used letters. Our common man of today might use text, email or instant messaging, but the same idea is coming across. Building a relationship with a median not involving seeing each other, it is important to make sure you are compatible personality wise and not for something else that can prove futile later on in a relationship. When the audience looks on further into the play they see this proven in an example of Christian. Christian rushes the relationship without even looking to acknowledge the virtue of seeing if their personalities are compatible. So too did Roxanne which led to a premature love that which was destined to fail. Another aspect is early in the story when Cyrano engages in a fight outside the theatre with a fellow Frenchman. After a series of verbal jousting they engage in a good old fashioned sword duel. Cyrano being the more skilled swordsman obviously possessed the upper hand in this duel. He quickly gets his opponent into a tight spot; he does stab him, but makes sure not to kill him. The only reason Cyrano did this was because he knew that it was the only way to end the duel. ...read more.


Now most men would become angry and frustrated and would do something to hurt the person that hurt them. Such as letting some information be released that would hurt the other person. However, the thought never crossed Cyrano?s mind that the next time he saw Roxanne he would tell her the truth, which it was really he who had written the letters and swayed her heart. It was him that should be with her not Christian. Although many opportunities arose when he could have said something, he didn?t. He thought it morally wrong to simply go in and steal away the woman Christian loved. He respected Christian enough to leave him and Roxanne alone. It is like the old saying ?If you really love her, then you have to let her go.? Part of it also is that Cyrano doesn?t believe himself to be worthy of a girl like Roxanne with his peculiar looks. As one can see clearly the morals and code of honor that Cyrano de Bergerac impact the total plot of the story. Many of the actions that Cyrano commits prove to show how noble and committed to his virtues he is. These virtues that define him are what make his personality appealing, thus benefiting Christian and himself scarcely. Throughout the play these aspects are displayed in his love life, duty in the military and social life. Word Count: 1384 Sources Rostand, Edmond. Cyrano De Bergerac. Trans. Brian Hooker. New York: Modern Library, 1951. Print. The Purdue OWL. Purdue U Writing Lab, 2010. Web. May 24, 2012 ...read more.

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